You Ought To Own One. It’s Orca Tactical’s Molle Compatible I.F.A.K./Utility Pouch.

          If you are a person who accepts the condition in life that they will always be the first responder to their crisis situation then you will appreciate the functionality that this IFAK brings to the table. The functionality being that with this item you can carry a comforting amount of the usual first aid medical supplies with you in an organized fashion. I for one, typically have this in my car when I’m out and about and I bring it to school with me in my backpack.

          Just to be clear, I carry this to deal with the aftermath of any situation that may result in bodily trauma.  Some situations that come to mind would include animal attacks, natural disasters, a car crash, a mugging, a power tool accident, or an act of asocial violence like a mass murder incident whether it be terrorism or otherwise. I would be more than willing to help just about anyone. I’m not so sure about helping the perpetrators of violent, criminal acts.

          This item is sold on Amazon, eBay, and Orca Tactical Gear’s website and it is listed as the Orca Tactical MOLLE EMT Medical First Aid IFAK Blowout Utility Pouch. What a name, huh? And to be clear it doesn’t contain any medical equipment. It is merely a container. From the inside, it roughly measures out to be 7″ tall, 5.5″ wide, 3″ deep. Its made out hardy 600D Polyester fabric. This thing feels quite solid when its full and it is finely made. So far into my time owning it, which is 1 year and 4 months, it hasn’t fallen apart. The sticking is strong, the zippers are smooth, the fabric isn’t all frayed and everything else is good to go.

Orca Tactical offers this pouch in a variety of colors. This one is woodland camouflage which actually matches the natural, temperate, deciduous landscape of my area quite well not that it matters though.

          It comes with a red cross/medical patch which is pretty neat. As you can see there is a Velcro strip that can handle more than the included single red cross patch. Below the Velcro is two strips of MOLLE webbing in case you want to layer something on top of this. I know I don’t have a reason for that. On the back, there is a set of straps for attaching this thing to MOLLE equipped things.

On the left is the multi-cam version. It is attached to the MOLLE webbing of a range bag. On the right, you can see that the original patch is removable and ready for bigger and better patches.

          A great feature that this pouch has is the inclusion of a mesh bag. It’s one more way of separating items plus it’s see-through. The other compartment-like features include one pocket and a bunch of elastic bands on each side of the pouch. The reason why I prefer people buy a pouch and then go fill it up is because you have to research and pick-out each item. This will cause you to understand each item and better understand medical emergencies. I currently have my Orca Tactical I.F.A.K. loaded with a tourniquet, a hemostatic sponge, an instant could pack, two chest seals, various sizes of gauze, non-stick burn pads, antibiotic ointment, band-aids, nitrile gloves, a Mylar blanket, and a mix of smaller items which all remain in the mesh bag.

Here is my I.F.A.K. all filled up. It weighs an ounce shy of 2lbs (0.87kg loaded weight) when loaded. When you are carrying this around I would be hesitant about leaving this is a car during summer.  Depending on what you have, this may “corrupt” certain medical equipment inside. The same could be said about winter, as well.

          I encourage you to buy this I.F.A.K. and fill it up with stuff after you do the research on what you actually need to treat particular injuries. In my experience, most people don’t know jack squat about first aid and their crappy, picked-apart first aid kits reflect that. I bet a lot people don’t even know were a first aid kit is because they probably forgot about it and when someone gets hurt their first reaction is to scramble for it and it takes them a while to find it and when they do, they will take a lot of time sorting though it and generally they are composed of crap. What is the point of buying these things if they are laughably ineffective? Get ready with this first aid pouch from Orca Tactical.

The pocket’s compartment and elastic bands work well for the supplies I have. There is also a mesh bag that comes with this.

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure they are well constructed. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. Seriously, go ahead and let me know what you think.

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