Why Carry A Light Every Day?

          Do you not carry a light with you on a daily basis? So, do you think it is kind of overkill or not really needed to carry one just about every day?

          I carry a small single-AAA light with me every day, all day. And I use it every day, too. It has become integral to my daily activities. What do I specifically use it for? I will sometimes use it in place of turning on the ceiling lights of rooms. Especially when I wake up during the night. At the point, very little light is needed and the firefly mode on my flashlight works just right. I’ll use it for lighting up naturally dark places like behind and under furniture. Now, something that is a little more specific to my interests and my course of study is the use of my light as an “optical comparator”. I’ll check part surface profiles and partially hidden area’s of parts or products. I’ve recently used it when working on computers or when installing electronics because we all know electronics exist in dark places! Having this a small little light ready to go for spontaneous maintenance work is a true joy. The greatest benefit gained from carrying a light (aside from the direct benefit of it helping you complete a given task) is that you always have a light on your person ready to be grabbed and turned on in less than 3 seconds. That’s where it really matters. Having something on you when you need it is a great relief. With something as small and lightweight as an E.D.C. light, it’s hard to justify against carrying one.

          Do you think, “Well, the flashlight app on my smartphone is what I use when I need to shine a light.” Just a caveat before I continue: It’s up to you to decide how you will act after reading this. It won’t bother me if you start lugging around a spot light every day. I don’t really care if you end up making fun of anyone who takes it upon themselves carry a little flashlight with them on a daily basis.

  • The reason I think smartphones aren’t a substitute for my Thrunite TI5 (small E.D.C. light) is because they are slow and cumbersome. You have to awaken the device, swipe the screen, enter in a password, look for the flashlight application, and turn it on. With a run-of-the-mill $15 pen light that is just clipped to your pocket you simply retrieve from the pocket area and hit the tail switch.
  • Smartphones are structurally fragile. They are ditsy and prone to getting permanently damaged, particularly the screens. Typical E.D.C. lights are simply aluminum tubes. I have thrown a pen light into the air as far as I could and it landed of concrete and it still works to this day.
  • Smartphones aren’t as powerful. Smartphones are designed to be computers not illumination tools. Since smartphones in flashlight mode use the camera flash to produce light the distance that the beam goes is very short. They acts as flood lights, which isn’t always a bad thing.
  • Typical E.D.C. lights will have power in them longer than smartphones. I’d bet you have to charge your phone every day whereas with one of my carry lights I have to change the battery about every other month. I’m not saying that a light has more mAh’s in its battery than a phone or that the light is more efficient with its power just that, due to natural use, a light would be ready to use more often than your phone.
  • A light similar to the one I carry is more water resistant than a smartphone. They are simple devices and are designed to be impermeable. I’m a lot more confident with my E.D.C. light out in a watery environment than with my smartphone.
  • A run-of-the-mill smartphone weighs about 6oz (170g) and is like 3″ X 6″ (7.62cm X 15.24cm) and pretty thing whereas a carry light weighs about 1oz (28g) and is 0.8″ (.8cm) in diameter and about 3.5″ (8.89cm) long. I for one, physically carry my light in my pocket more than my phone. I prefer having a compact cylinder securely clipped to the corner of my pocket over having an awkward slab flapping around in my pocket as I go about doing things.

          I’m not saying a smartphone is a dumb thing to own, obviously. I’m just saying I like having an E.D.C. light with me and that a smartphone is low speed and high drag when it comes to certain things. And since, due to my daily undertakings, I have a need for a light, I like the convenience, and being able to see is much, much more immediately important than ANYTHING else a smartphone can do.

          Alright, what do you think. Have I convinced you? Did you think I am making things up? Feel free to leave a comment down below. I always will try to answer any questions in a timely manner. Thanks for reading!