Why Carry A Folding Knife Every Day?

          Do you not carry a knife with you on a daily basis? So, do you think it is kind of overkill or not really needed to carry a medium-sized folding knife on you every day? Does it bother you that average citizens carry “weapons” on them like it is supposed to be normal and acceptable?

          I have carried a folding knife, a.k.a. pocket knife, with me just about everyday for the last two years. It is a tool that is hard to substitute and it’s always a relief to have it on your person when you need it because often when you need a particular tool to complete a task you are rather annoyed with the problem that requires the tool so a fast response to the problem is always nice. Aside from run-of-the-mill cutting tasks, some carry a folding knife as a self defense implement. I do see the value in that. Its a small-sized force multiplier against any aggressing person or animal. The idea of a pocket knife being a self defense tool is especially appealing to young people who are legally barred, due to their age, from buying or carrying a handgun. Also, legally speaking, folding knives can be carried more places than firearms. So again, it has some self defense appeal.

          Typically, I have used my chosen E.D.C. (everyday carry) knife of the day for opening letters and packages but I tend to use it for a lot of random activities as well. Those other miscellaneous activities may include: deburring metal-working projects, cutting out coupons or cutting up paper into smaller pieces, scraping away adhesive substances, light prying, cutting off stray threads, non-destructively opening of boxes, and poking holes in trash bags to let air escape from the between the trash bin and bag. Those where pretty random, huh? There is boatload of other things I have used my E.D.C. knives for but I think it can be best summed up by just saying: If you are a crafty person or someone who does a lot of makeshift “fabricating” of projects, then a folding knife can be very, very useful and versatile. Something I have noticed with carrying a knife is that you become more aware of what it can be used for. You end up finding different things you can do with it. I think of it as a tool that extends your resourcefulness so that you end up doing more rather than behaving the same and doing the activities that you did before you started carrying a knife.

          Most people probably don’t consider this but I’ll cover it anyways because it gives more context and it helps defend the practice of carrying a folding knife on a daily basis.

          An important aspect that goes into determining why you would do something, or in this case carry something, is not just the benefit or uses but the costs. Well, the financial cost is pretty reasonable if you ask me. $30 to $45 will easily get you a respectable folding knife that is designed well and ergonomically sound. Additionally, most folding knives should be able to last you a lifetime given their simply and hardy nature. Just think of all the useless crap you buy that doesn’t contribute to your highest and best self. You could forgo that stuff in order to buy a handy little knife. But in all seriousness, the cost of a lifetime tool is relatively low compared to the usual frivolous things that people tend to buy.

          The other cost would be the weight and volume of the folding knife. These are things you must contend with but fret not, folding knives that are meant for everyday carry aren’t great physical burdens. A typical example will weigh about 3oz (85g) to 4oz (113g) but they come heavier and lighter as well. The weight is perceptually lessened by the fact that pocket knives have pocket clips which will firmly hold them inside the lateral corner of the user’s pocket. This keeps it from swaying around in your pocket during activity. As far as the size/volume is concerned, the average folding knife is doing pretty good. Being that folding knives fold they end up being small packages. They tend to be slender as they are designed for being in a pocket. Some general dimensions would be 4.5″ (11.4cm) long to 1.25″ (3.2cm) wide when in the folded position.

          So their you have it. These everyday carry folding knives are easily carried on the body because they simply aren’t very heavy or very big and the clip holds them in place. Additionally, they will not cost much. If you find yourself needing to cut things during the day then consider getting a pocket knife. Who knows, you might end up being more creative and productive in certain parts of your life.

          So what do you think? Am I way off base? Are some of my claims not true? Did you agree with what I said. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below. I always try to answer questions in a timely manner. Thank you for reading.