Want To Carry The Bare Minimum? Get The Kershaw Cinder.

          I see this little keychain knife as something of great value especially to those who would need to carry a cutting instrument  but want to do so without attracting the unwanted attention that one could get from having and using a full-sized pocket knife. Whether you are trying to abide by some immoral laws or trying to adhere to harebrained workplace rules or just minimizing the bulk of your everyday carry items then you should consider getting the Cinder from Kershaw.

          The stubby sheep’s foot blade is barely over 1″ (2.54cm) long from the end of the ricasso (the concave unsharpened section of the blade that is positioned right before the start of the cutting edge) to the tip of the blade. It is constructed of 3Cr13MoV that has been endowed with a cool stone-wash finish. The thumb stud is only on one side so this is for those who are right-handed. Furthermore, you would need a lot of dexterity to quickly and effectively open and close this knife with your left hand.

This neat little folding knife will add 0.89oz (25.1g) to your key ring. It is a cool option for those in the market for a discreet blade that is just big enough to work.

          As one could assume, this tiny little keychain knife has no room for any assisted opening mechanisms. That is good because it lessen the chances of accidentally opening this little guy. Since it is meant for being attached to the keychain you can bet it will find itself in some weird positions and, thus far, I haven’t experienced any unintended openings. The action on this knife is just smooth and simple, after all it is just a manual opener with a good blade detent ball pressed into the ergonomically-friendly liner lock. The lock up between the blade tang and the liner lock is also pretty good. There is almost no play up and down or side to side.

Truth be told, I have a harder time opening padded mailers with the Cinder due to the short blade but it is a compromise that I will accept. This knife has been made comfortable because the corners have been rounded and the liner lock has appropriate spring tension in it.

          If you were to use the Kershaw Cinder by itself without a keychain or lanyard attached then you get a weird grip on it but when you have it on a keychain then you can get a proper grip. The overall length is a diminutive 4.1″ (10.41cm) and the handle length from the end of the finger choil to the end of the handle is 2.8″ (7.1cm) long. There is a large lanyard loop in the handle that can easily fit 550 paracord. Also integrated into the handle is a bottle opener which I have absolutely no use for because whatever drinks that come in bottles will only lessen your ability to reason or contribute to that oddly distributed fat that is above your genitals.

          This Kershaw keychain knife is good to go! The quality is surprisingly nice given how cheap it is. It is comfortable tool when in hand. It has its purpose for those looking for a small folding knife and I can personally recommend this knife to people who wish to not frighten the sheeple.

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