Turn Crappy Torx Screwdrivers Into Good Ones!

         Did you buy a precision screwdriver set from Menards or Lowe’s or Wal-Mart? Are the interchangeable Torx drivers bits kind of loose fitting while in the screw head during use? Have you stripped out a screw with your Torx bits? You can fix the situation!

          You can make your a bad screwdriver set good by taking the Torx bits to a grinding wheel. What you are doing is simply shortening the length of that bit by removing material from the very tip in order to expose a thicker, more filling area of the driver bit. A Torx driver that fills up more of the driver socket (the area in the screw where the driver is inserted in order to turn the screw) will be less likely to cam out of the screw and end up stripping out the screw. Something that I have noticed with a lot of Torx driver bits is that the ends are kind of rounded and mushed. Grinding away material will make the ends more pristine and star-like which will cause the bit to go deeper into the screw. This will help prevent any breaking-off of the driver tip.

This Torx driver is now less likely to strip out screws. Remember during grinding that power tools work fast so you will have to work slow. Keep an appropriately sized Torx screw nearby in order to check the progress on your driver bit.

          After you grinded the end of the driver bit, you may what to clean it up. I used a knife blade to remove the burs that where between the radially space star tips. I then finished up with some fine grit sand paper to even things out a little.

          I hope you find this useful especially when using them on your expensive folding knives. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions go ahead and ask and I will answer as soon as possible.