This AR-15 Push Button Safety From eBay Doesn’t Work.

Here it is installed in my Featherweight AR-15’s lower receiver.

          This is more of a P.S.A., rather than a review. This neat little AR-15 push button safety is available on eBay from many different sellers. It is a copy of Elftmann’s AR-15/AR-10 Ambidextrous Speed Safety. Except that the one’s that come from eBay don’t actually work.

          After some modification, I got this push button safety working as it was intended. When depressed to the safe position, meaning the red o-ring is not showing, this product successfully blocks the trigger from traveling far enough to release the hammer. So, that is good.


         But, like I said, this push button safety had to be modified in order to work. The main issue with this thing was that an area on it was too large to interface with a normal, mil-spec trigger. I shall call this area the “trigger blocking diameter”. The trigger blocking diameter needs to be approximately ∅0.309″. Out of package, it was probably around ∅0.320″, before I took it to a lathe. 

         The other issue with this eBay push button safety is the fact than it is really stiff. When I emailed the seller about how it was not working, he mentioned that most people only complain that it is too hard to push. So, it wasn’t just me who had a problem with it. I do wonder what lowers the other users installed their push button safeties into because I installed mine into a FMK AR-1 Extreme lower receiver. Keep in mind that that lower worked just fine with a mil-spec trigger. 

         With all of this said, I still think this thing has some redeeming qualities to it. For one, it is 58% lighter than a mil-spec safety. A normal AR-15 safety/fire selector weighs 0.58oz. This one weighs 0.34oz (after modification). It’s small weight savings, but for a featherweight AR-15 build, like this one, it’s another way to cut weight. Lastly, from a mechanical perspective, I think this product is neat. I think it is interesting to give an AR-15/AR-10 a safety mechanism that is more commonly seen on .22LR’s and BB guns rather than serious, centerfire firearms. But, hey. That’s just me.

         Thanks for reading this article. I put time into making sure that it was well constructed. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms then do not hesitate to post them down below. I will try to answer any questions as soon as I can. 

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