They’re For Brisk Days. Mechanix Wear Insulated Fastfit Gloves.

          If your looking for good dexterity, cold weather (not winter) gloves that will keep your hands at a comfortable warmth level while you are moderately active in 50-35°F (10-2°C) weather then these might do it for you. But keep in mind that the situation really does determine how these will perform. Well, lets just get into it before you attempt to make these your go-to gloves for a given activity.

          I’ll start with what I think is the coldest situation for extended outdoor use that these gloves can handle. They will work as gloves you wear in +20°F  (-6°C) weather if you are on a run and the sun is out and there is little to no wind. If you are only moderately active, say like if you were out on the shooting range or out in the woods taking pictures then above freezing temperatures would be the comfort limit as long as winds are low. These gloves are not going to keep your hands toasty in sub-freezing winter conditions without the use of hand warmers and keeping your hands in your coat pockets half of the time. They simply aren’t very thick.

The Insulated Fastfit from Mechanix fit well on my hands. The thumbs have a little extra material than what is needed but they still allow for good dexterity.

          With those things said, they make excellent “commuter” gloves. Which means that if you are only outside for when you go to and from vehicles and buildings like when your out running errands then you will be fine. Honestly If you are just needing commuter gloves then these are the end of your search. They leave your hands with good dexterity and good grip, plus they can be taken on and off quickly. The Mechanix Wear Insulated Fastfit Gloves will suffice for the coldest winter days when only used as commuter gloves.

          Now, I’ll talk about some features. These are gloves for working with your hands. The knuckles are padded for extra hand protection. The palms are made of synthetic leather which have lasted me over a year without any degradation. I have used these a lot for when I go shooting and when I go on runs. I really like that these have “skirts” on the wrist which is standard with all gloves in the Mechanix Fast Fit line. This really is helpful for windy conditions. At the bottom of the wrists on the palm there are little plastic attachment points so that you can clip the gloves together to prevent losing one or the other. As stated earlier, these guys are to quick to put on and take off. The speed of these cold weather gloves really is a useful thing.

These gloves are fast to put on and take off like the name suggest. This doesn’t mean they are prone to slipping off, partially or otherwise. This features makes them great commuter gloves.

          Overall, these aren’t made for long periods while out working in sub-freezing temperatures but I still find a time and a place to use them. They are a quality pair of gloves, you just have to know their intended limits.

          Thanks for reading my article. I put time into making sure my reviews are well constructed and useful to others. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know. I’ll try answer any questions in a timely manner.

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