The Utter Hopelessness Of The Gun Free Zone.

Here is an idea that is either A.) Simply to complex of a concept for my normal human intellect to fully grasp, or B.) As totally stupid as it sounds. Keep reading to here my break down on the matter.

          In America, gun free zones are areas where it is deemed unlawful to be in possession of a firearm. These places can be established by any person who owns the piece of land in question or they can be specifically established by law. The violation of a gun free zone established by an average citizen is simply treated as a trespassing infraction. You will be asked to leave upon discovery of a carried weapon, even if you are licensed to carry, and if you don’t comply, police will be summoned and they will escort you away. In this case, you would have no moral ground to stand on if you refuse to leave. If you believed in property rights you would leave at once upon being told.

          The official gun free zones like the ones created by the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 are more harsh than trespassing. They are also more complex than trespassing. All public and private schools are subject to these laws. Federal gun-free zones include any public area (even public housing) that is within 1,000 feet from any school and the penalty applies to people with guns that aren’t in a locked container or are loaded. Exceptions include the following: Those who possess a concealed carry permit, on-duty L.E.O.’s, anyone participating in pre-approved school activities like trap shooting events, someone who is under contract with the school to possess a gun on school grounds, or someone crossing school grounds in order to reach lands open to hunting after they have been given consent by the school to do so. In the case that you violate the aforementioned federal gun-free zone laws you may face up to 5 years in prison and be liable to pay a $5,000 fine. Being convicted of this crime is a felony and this means you are going to lose other rights which include: the right to bear arms, the right to vote, the ability to obtain a travel visa, serving on juries, and the opportunity to hold public office or serve as a government employee in certain situations. Once convicted your only hope at becoming a citizen again is to go through a process known as expungement. If I’m not mistaken, this process occurs between you and your state government.

          When considering unofficial and official gun-free zones you may think to yourself, “This all sounds fine to me. I say why not. America needs more gun free zones!”. To this I ask, “Why is this a thing? What is it doing to ensure people’s well being?”

          Aside from potentially screwing over travelers who have guns in their vehicles because of a range visit or hunting trip it also affects those who have a handgun in their vehicle for protection since, depending on the state, vehicle carry doesn’t always require a concealed carry permit. Another situation where it could affect a well-meaning person is in the case of “constitutional carry” states. This is where legally carrying a firearm doesn’t require any extra government permission slips. Here is an example with that situation in mind. Say there is a father who normally conceal carries a handgun in order to protect himself and others. He has to go to a parent teacher conference for his child right after work or after running errands. He may have his gun on him when he enters into a school zone. If his perfectly moral, victimless action was detected by law enforcement and if the law were to be applied as it was intended, then he would have to undergo all the trouble of legal defense and at the end of the day he would lose many rights and be forced to give up his guns which was his property.

          Even if that wasn’t enough to make you a little wary, then just wait. I have more to say. Like I stated earlier, what are any of these gun-free zones really doing? Are they stopping armed robberies? Are they suppose to stop a mad man set on murdering a lot of strangers? I have seen an alarming number of businesses and factories with gun-free zone signs openly displayed, not to mention that almost 100% of schools are clearly gun-free zones. When I see them, I can’t help but think “Whoever wanted this to be put up must believe it produces a force fields that keeps out bad guys.”. What a worthless thing to display. Seriously, these signs are useless. Signs and words are not forceful. They provide no real means of countering evil forces. If a person hell-bent on mass murder started to make his way onto school grounds and into a school building, how is a sign posted on top of a metal stick or a law typed on a piece of paper supposed to be any good for anyone. The threat of fines and jail time sure isn’t going to do much. The assailant has already decided they are okay to murder numerous people and that they are in no way trying to conceal their actions so you know they don’t care about being found guilty. Usually because they believe they are going to die soon after they commit their actions anyways.

          In the case of a business with its very own self-established gun-free zone and where a perpetrator’s intended crime isn’t random murder then the sign is still no good. If they are planning to rob a convenient store, then what is a “no weapons” sign going to do. Again, these signs and laws are not forceful. They are merely simple, stationary objects meant to inform people that the premises are, in fact, gun free (until they aren’t). It takes someone who cares about what the signs say in order for the sign to have effect. I don’t know about you but I highly doubt that your average robber who brandishes loaded guns, pistol whips people, and makes threats to end the lives of his victims really puts a lot of thought into making sure he isn’t violating any other obscure federal laws or gun free zones.

          At this point the only other possible “benefit” one might argue is the idea the gun-free zone prevents the normally law abiding person from having a gun around in the event that they become very angry from the stress of the day. I hate hearing this “guns are bad because you could have a break down and go hurt someone” argument. It is kind of common one among anti-gunners. I believe it is a desperate but convenient excuse based off of a deeply seated dislike of guns and coupled with a particular person’s awareness that they have a very hard time controlling their own emotions. Not only do I think this pathetic on the part of person raising the claim but I also think it is very evil. It is like someone who is projecting their serious character flaws onto the world in order to justify further control of the world. I for one have always had immediate access to guns and ammo and I have yet to threaten or kill anyone because I was mad at them. Additionally, If you are business owner and this is one of your arguments for a gun free zone then I highly suggest you fire anyone who lacks the emotional fortitude needed to control themselves from unjustly hurting others. Newsflash, guns aren’t the only things that can cause damage to humans and an enraged person could simply use their own hands and feet or use a situational weapon like a heavy metal object or something as common as a box cutter or screwdriver or wrench. People ought to surround themselves with honorable and mature individuals, not lowly man-children with inflated egos.

          Anyways, if people actually believe that these signs work then surely it only makes sense to establish gun-free zones everywhere. You can put the signs on your car, outside of your house, at your place of work, you can put one around your neck and you will always be safe from guns. The only reason relatively high death toll mass shootings take place at schools or movie theaters or any other gun-free establishments is because the “no weapon” signs weren’t big enough, at least that is what one would think if the believed in the utility of the gun-free zone.

          So, what do you think? Do you believe I’m wrong? Do you think I missed an important point? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below. I will try to respond to any questions you may have in a timely manner. Just be sure to remain cordial and clear with your message. Also, please remember to research your laws on your own. Not all states have the same regulations when it comes to criminal justice, and especially when it comes to guns. Not to mention there could have been other federal laws that I may have missed or laws that were passed after I wrote this article.