The Thrunite TI5. The Best Single-AAA E.D.C. Light To Date.

          I truly believe that this light is the greatest everyday carry flashlight I have dealt with. I think it easily surpasses the Streamlight MicroStream, not that that light is a waste of money by any means.

What Makes This Thing Great…

  • Very Small, Lightweight
  • Momentary Switch
  • Multiple Modes Up To 100 Lumens
  • AAA Battery power source
  • Still Going Strong After 1 Year
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • IPX-8, Water Resistant

          This light weighs 0.97 ounces (27.4 grams) with the inclusion of an Energizer lithium battery. It’s length is under 3.6 inches (9.14 centimeters). At the widest point, which includes the pocket clip, it measures a mere 0.75 inches (1.9 centimeters). So yeah, it’s a little flashlight and it’s handy as hell and very light but that’s not some daunting feet nor is it hard to find a light that size so let us move on.

The TI5 from Thrunite comes in cool and neutral light LEDs. The neutral one produces a more yellowish hue than cool light. I have both but I prefer the cool tinted light. Also, to change the battery on these lights you have to unscrew the head/light end rather than the tailswitch.

          The modes the TI5 features are a strobe function, high, low, and firefly which have these brightnesses according to the papers that come with the box: 100 lumens for strobe and high, 10 lumens for low, 0.03 lumens for firefly. You may think, Wow that last mode sounds useless, but I disagree. Firstly, judging by other lights I think 0.03 is way to low of an estimation. So just think of it as “firefly mode” in place of “0.03 lumen” mode. Next, the output in firefly mode is ideal for when you get up during the middle of the night. It keeps you from catching some unnecessarily bright beams of light right in the eyes. Finally, firefly mode conserves a ton of battery. Thrunite states that this mode can go for 120 hours but during high it only gets 30 minutes. Though I have never timed it, I feel safe declaring that this light, when carried and used every day, will need it’s commonly found AAA battery changed no less than every 2 months. Obviously your use may vary. And yes, the other modes are certainly practical. Low works well for examining parts, especially barren metallic ones. High is okay for searching the ground. Strobe is unpleasant to humans when their eyes are adjusted to nighttime lighting when up close, say within 15 yards. And as a final note, No I don’t find the several modes hard to deal with. Its just a short learning curve to become familiar with them.

          The pocket clip is nice. The design allows for clipping to thicker pockets and even works on the waste band of sweatpants and gym shorts. After owning the TI5 for over a year at this point I haven’t deformed the pocket clip so I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s not chintzy and isn’t prone to snagging.

          What I think really makes this light dominant is the inclusion of a momentary switch. For those uninitiated with this, it’s a switch that doesn’t need to be “clicked” to be turned on. This means that once you are done pushing on the button it will turn off since it hasn’t been depressed far enough. Also, momentary switches waste less battery life since it’s faster to turn off. I find momentary switches particularly useful for when I wake up because don’t need very much light to find my way around. Another note regarding the switch, I find it to be placed ideally. It’s protruding so it is easy to press unlike many “shrouded” switches I have used. Also, it requires the right amount of pressure to activate. Personally I’d say the extremely popular Streamlight MicroStream has a needlessly stiff tail switch.

          Now on to the durability. I have dropped this light plenty of times and this doesn’t seem to have affected the electronics. I bought it in November of 2016 and I have made it my primary E.D.C. light since. I can assure you I used this light frequently and I depend on it to for many tasks. The packaging claims this light is IPX-8 rated up to 2 meters. IPX-8 translates to waterproof pasts 3 feet for at least 30 minutes and in this case it can prevent water penetration at a depth of 2 meters. I haven’t tested this though I have definitely gotten this mean S.O.B. wet during it’s humble service.


Here is a Thrunite TI5 (neutral light) with one of its steel bodied counter parts, the TI5T (cool light). The polished finish sure looks nice and maybe it will mesh better with your dress attire than anodized black.

          If you are on the fence about buying this thing I would go ahead and pull the trigger. If you aren’t impressed by the features then I suggest reread this article and change your mind about how you use a carry light. But if you are a bumbling dufus who is prone to sticking forks in electrical outlets then ignore my reasoning. In all seriousness this light is nearly ideal and that’s why I bought 3. One of which is the TI5T which has a polished stainless steel body which looks elegant.

          Thanks for reading my review of the Thrunite TI5. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I will always try to answer any questions in a timely manner.