The ThorFire PF03 Is Not Something I Like.

          Welp, here is my review of ThorFire’s small everyday carry flashlight known as the PF03. You may decide that you like it but I know that I don’t. I have other options that do the job without the annoying drawbacks that this flashlight suffers from. So now let’s get on with the details so I can tell you where this thing’s designers went wrong.

          So my main gripe with this light lies with the modes. It has 3 modes and it starts off with “moonlight” which is incredibly dim. I’m talking uselessly dim. Its even too dim for me when I wake up in the middle of the night and the room is pitch black. Thorfire states that moonlight mode produces 1 lumen of light but I don’t know about this not that I have any way to actually verifying the claim. The other modes include low, which is 25 lumens and the last one in the mode cycle is high, which is 110 lumens. Those other modes work just fine for my normal E.D.C. light uses. I have no complaints with them.

The PF03 weighs 1.15oz (32.7g) with an alkaline battery and measures a hair over 3.5″ (8.9cm). The diameter of the body is 0.55″ (1.4cm) which means it is pretty unobtrusive while clipped in the pocket. It is powered by a single AAA and it has pretty good runtimes from my experience.

          This is a lightweight, slender aluminum bodied flashlight that looks aesthetically appealing. Its looks definitely set it apart from the competition and the main reason I bought it was because it looks elegant and well-made. Both of these things are true despite the other flaws I will bring up in this article. The electronics are doing just fine after the year and a half that I have owed it. Not that I have used it as much as my other lights such as the Thrunite TI5 or Niteking P347. This flashlight is rated by ThorFire as IPX-8 water resistant. I know it can handle 3 inch deep puddles of water just fine even when I press the tail switch. Furthermore, it is fine in any rain or falling water that may be in your environment though all flashlights that I have can handle these things to. Since this light has an aluminum body it can handle normal drops and smacks without issue. Again this is something common with all lights I have.

I don’t have any complaints on quality or durability. Its an anodized aluminum tube that is water tight. The design simply doesn’t allow for vulnerabilities to physical damage.

          Here is another issue I have with the PF03. The polished steel pocket clip looks very nice but that’s all. It is weak which allows the flashlight to slip out of my pocket when I sit down or stand up or doing a lot of moving around. It can handle most pocket material thicknesses without a change in it’s performance/behavior but again, it doesn’t perform that well from the start. The smoothness of the clip and the straight geometry of the body doesn’t help the light stay in place either, so there is that to.

          This flashlight is turned on and off with a soft rubber, protruding tail switch. I do prefer that tail switches aren’t “fenced-off” so they are easier to actuate and I’d imagine that the rubber button aides in keeping water out when it is pressed down but the switch it’s self doesn’t have a momentary function. Its has to be fully clicked-in in order to turn on. The modes are cycled through by doing very light presses on the tail switch and this flashlight has a short memory so when you go to turn off the light and turn it back on again it will be on the mode that you used last. This doesn’t really help the fact that this thing starts with the moonlight mode and has to be fully clicked in order to turn on.

I really dislike that there isn’t a momentary switch on this light especially since the first mode is near useless for the things I need it for. E.D.C. lights are supposed to be fast and ready to go and this thing simply isn’t.

          Aaaaand there you have it… I think this little guy is not good at all and I’m glad it only has a 3.3 star rating on Amazon. It may work for some people but I think there is an obvious combination of crumby features that make this thing undesirable as an everyday carry flashlight.

          Thank you for reading this article. I only plan on telling you readers the truth. My goal is to always be a reliable source of information and I hope you are compelled to visit my site again or at least browse through my collection of articles now. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or criticisms down below. I will respond to any questions as soon as possible.

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