The Spyderco Efficient. It Could Have Been Fanstatic From The Start.

          The Spyderco Efficient is a compact, budget E.D.C. folding knife that is has been a joy to carry over the past two+ months that I have owned it. It is well-made, for the most part, and the design is very interesting. This stubby little thing has an odd form to it that easily allows you to “Spydie-flick” it open whenever you need to cut something. This makes it really fun to own and I am glad I found it.  

The Spyderco Efficient weighs in at 4.09oz (115.9g) and has an overall length of about 4.2″ (10.6). Despite being a little heavy, the knife does has skeletonized liners.

          Per usual, I’ll start by talking about the blade. The Efficient is outfitted with a broad, full-flat ground 2.9″ blade (7.3cm) that is made of 8Cr13MoV. There is jimping on the top, rear portion of the blade and as you can see, it has a textured finger choil and that brings down the blade to be more like 2.6″ (6.6cm) in length. The great thing about the blade is that it has an opening hole that is just in the right spot for being flick open. Flicking it open is more secure and reliable than using the normal method.

          This bring us to the action. This knife is unassisted and it has an easily reached liner lock that isn’t too stiff. It runs on nylon pivot washers that aren’t very smooth but when you flick it open, this doesn’t matter. It feels great and I don’t feel like I got a crappy $10 M-Tech knife in my hand, so I can’t genuinely complain. What I can definitely complain about though, is how the knife first came to me. The liner lock had really, really early lock up, like 10% engagement and if I didn’t flick it open hard enough then the thing wouldn’t actually lock. It posed a safety risk. I wish I had a picture to show but it looks like I never took one before I fixed the issue… I used a honing stone to slowly grind the part of the blade that engages with the liner lock so now the entire engagement surface of the liner lock is in contact with the bottom of the blade. It also locks up every time, so now I can really enjoy this folding knife!

This knife can best be described as odd but not uncomfortable. I have to use it a lot for my job so I would be able to tell by now if this thing felt bad in the hand.

          Onto the handle. The Spyderco Efficient has lightly textured G10 scales which not only feel good in the hand, especially with colder temperatures, but it really pairs nicely with the accompanying polished steel parts. It gives the knife a real classy look. It reminds me of the G10 version of the Syperco Manix 2. This knife has a certain uniqueness to it and that comes from the handle geometry. The whole thing is kind of arched but this isn’t to say that it is uncomfortable. When you hold it normally, the tip of the blade is gently angled downward. It is very subtle but you will notice it. This feature makes the knife feel like it wants to cut things on its own. That is about the best way I can describe it. This is comparable to a hawkbill blade which tends to want to cut things “on its own”.

          And for the last point, I will talk about the pocket clip. It is polished steel and is positionable for either left or right hand carry in the tip up position. I’d say it is very similar to other Spyderco knives, perhaps even interchangable. It looks great and it functions well. The clip can be clipped to thicker pocket material like sweatpants pockets or even waste bands. It has the right amount of pressure to it. The thing not have a death grip on your clothes but it isn’t going to slide out on its own, either. When you do have it clipped in your pocket, it will stick out about 0.75″. This doesn’t really bother me, though.

The Efficient is fast to grab out of the pocket given the thing’s geometry. It is always been a joy to carry since I fixed it’s lock up problem.

          I plan on carrying this knife a lot more just because it is so neat and quick, especially since I was able to fix the lock up issue. I used it a lot for my job and I know a thing or two about good everyday carry knives so I can confidently recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a quality medium-sized folding knife. It should cost you under $50 and would probably make a great gift for the prepared people in your life.

Pretty cool, huh?

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure that it is well constructed and informative. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I will try to answer any question that I may get, in a timely manner.

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