The SOG Pentagon Elite I. A Well Put Together, Large Folding Knife.

          This is a nice knife indeed! Its locking mechanism is smooth and quiet and its a manual opener. After owning it for 12 months I no its a solid purchase. This guy is intended as a self defense folding knife and I would definitely agree that. What can I say? It’s a solid, secure, legitimate self dense tool.

The SOG Pentagon Elite I is certainly aggressive looking but its also backed by logical design. I know I would trust it for such unwanted tasks.

          For a large folding knife, the Pentagon Elite I isn’t to heavy at 4.37oz (124g). This guy’s bead blasted VG-10 steel blade is 3.75″ (9.53cm) long blade when measured from tip to the end of the serrations towards the pivot. VG-10 is a Japanese stainless steel that is well respected by many in the knife community. You may not have noticed while researching but this knife has a sharpened tip. This undoubtedly aides in stabbing though I think slashing may be a more useful injury vehicle in a self defense situation but that’s a discussion for a different day. Anyways, this knife is ideal for stabbing given its sharpened tip and slender drop point blade profile. God forbid evil entities ever force you defend yourself with a knife but this is a good option for that type of thing. The serrations last for a 1.25″ (3.8cm) along the blade. Now I don’t mind having a partially serrated knife for everyday tasks as long as the blade is large. Serrated blades are good for cutting fibrous material and I don’t do that often.

SOG calls this a shark tooth tip. It is something I haven’t seen before.

          I really like this knife because it has SOG’s Arc-Lock. Which is smooth and quiet. It’s much quieter than a Benchmade Griptilian with FRN handles. Due to the Arc-Lock and various other design features, the Pentagon Elite I is fast. I can just whip this thing out and cut whatever I have to cut and just get it back into my pocket in seconds. It’s pretty slick. You can open this knife without touching the thumb studs or the Arc-Lock by doing a whipping motion with it. The ease of opening shouldn’t worry you on a safety level but if you live in a land of soul crushing tyranny then this would definitely be categorized as a, spooky-as-hell, “gravity knife”. I bet if you live somewhere with “gravity knife” laws then the blade length, alone, would do you over good and proper.

Here is the SOG Pentagon Elite I next to the Kershaw CQC-4KXL and the Coast RX320 Rapid Response.

          The handle is nothing special. It is glass-reinforced nylon with non-skeletonized stainless steel liners. They are nested so they are a little hard to see. I can get a very confident grip on this thing. The molded-in texturing and jimping works fine. It certainly isn’t going to shred up your pants. When this thing is clipped to your pocket, about 0.8″ (2cm) of the handle will stick out. This makes for a handy little tab to quickly find and grab without looking. Now for some people they are bothered by E.D.C. knives that stick out too much. I no longer mind this. I am pretty certain the general population is so situationally unaware in daily life that most will never ever notice that you have a knife on your person. Though I do understand not wanting to freak out “commoners” but I don’t think they notice even if you use your knife in their presence as long as you don’t get their attention first. At this point in my short life I am confident about that.

          I find the clip a little flexible for my liking. This knife has slipped out of my pockets before. I’d imagine I could unscrew the clip from the handle and give it some gentle bending to get it to be tighter but for whatever reason SOG decided to have two dinky little Phillips screws along with a much wider Torx screw to screw the clip to the handle. That’s just a lot of work to me… Another thing is that the clip is wide enough to handle thick fabrics like waist bands or sweatpants pockets. Some situations just warrant discreet and secure waist band carry. Sometimes your pants/shorts don’t have pockets or maybe you need to make room in your pockets for other things. Waist band carry is great for when you are running around and being active so there is that as well.

Overall, I am quite impressed with this folding knife. I carry it a lot given how quick it is.

          Like I said, I have had the knife for over a year. I can’t complain about much. The thing is fun to play with and flip around in my hand when I’m bored. For my large hands its just nice to have a secure, large sized folding knife that I know is solidly built. SOG doesn’t always make good stuff but this product is quality and I would expect that given the price tag and what with it being made in Seki, Japan.

Look. I made a .GIF for you to watch.

          Thanks for reading my article. I put time into making sure my reviews are well constructed and useful. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me no. I’ll try answer any questions in a timely manner.