The SOG Key Knife. A Small Alternative To A Real E.D.C. Knife.

          Here we have an option for those who are living or working in an area that disallows them from carrying anything larger or more obvious than a key chain knife. This knife disguised as a key can be attached to your key ring and serve as a replacement for a full sized, full featured folding knife. If I remember correctly, I’ve owned this little bugger for over two years. Keep reading to hear the details on this cheap piece of gear.

          So it is a lock-back folding knife with a key for a handle and 1.55″ (3.9cm) 5Cr13MoV blade that was respectably sharp out of the box. Mine has a black painted finish that really shows its use. SOG offers the Key Knife in several finishes. Those include: black, pink, zebra, cheetah, and brass. All of these appear to be painted on finishes but the brass colored one may actually be brass plated. The brass finish would definitely further obscure this knife’s real “identity”. The handle is made of stainless steel according to SOG and it hasn’t rusted during my time owning it so I believe that, not that steel in the “stainless” category can’t rust.

At 0.8oz (22.7g) the SOG Key Knife isn’t to hefty to have on your keychain and if it really is a substitute of an a real E.D.C. folding knife then you are saving a lot of weight.

          The blade on this thing is a slender little drop point with a nail nick on one side, though the action is smooth enough where you can securely grab any part of the blade with your fingers to open it without it slipping out of your grip. Since this is a lock-back, the blade will want to close itself if it hasn’t been opened up past a certain point and this can cause it to chop whatever is in it is way so be mindful of how you hold it especially when you first get it because when it is newer the action will not be as smooth or light.

          As far as this knife’s ability to conceal it is real form goes, it does a good enough job. The blade doesn’t fully see into the shaft of the key body but the blade’s contrast with the body is great enough to where the whole knife doesn’t look out of the ordinary. I would say the whole SOG Key Knife when closed just looks like there is some other little trinket that is behind a “key”. It blends in well enough for must people to never notice what it is. Plus, if your like me then your keys will never been seen by most people because they are either in your hand or in your pocket.

This knife measure under 2.5″ (6.35cm) when closed and just a hair under 4″ (10.16cm) when open. These dimensions mean it is slightly longer than a residential key. You could remove the paint on one of these to make it appear like a normal nickel plated house key.

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