About This Website

          Thank you for visiting my site. It actually means a lot that you have came here seeking information on whatever questions you have. Now with that being said, I’m just trying to make money through affiliate marketing BUT that doesn’t mean I am going to tell you a bunch of useless, made-up information. I only plan on telling you visitors the truth. As that is what I expect from others, though it may not happen as much as I would like. Anyone is welcome to make comments, give criticisms, or ask questions regarding any of the topics covered on this site. The only comments that will be done-away with are useless and deceptive ones such as spam/scams.


Who I Am

          Hello, I’m Josh. I’m just a young man from the American Midwest who is interested in self preservation, doing something important with my life, and winning. Hence, why I started this business, and hopefully there will be more entrepreneurial ventures to come. Undoubtedly, I love freedom and understand that you must exercise it to prevent it’s loss. I’m motivated to be great in all meaningful aspects of my life. I do believe skills, cogent philosophy, and a well maintained body are extremely important and can’t be replaced with cool gear though people seem to ignore this and those people’s efforts will yield lowly results. This applies to all pursuits that man enters into, not just the ones I cover here. With this being said tools are obviously still important (and pretty cool) and that is why I’m putting time and energy into this.