The Counterfeit Knives Of AliExpress.

          For those of you who don’t know, is a merchant-to-consumer marketplace site that is owned by the Chinese company Alibaba Group Holding Limited. It is very similar to eBay since both sites merely serve as a platform for 3rd party vendors to sell to consumers although nothing on AliExpress sells though auctions. Additionally, both eBay and AliExpress differ from sites like Amazon because Amazon does actually sell products themselves… But anyways, AliExpress is inhabited mostly by medium-sized Chinese companies/factories looking to sell their Chinese made products to the rest of the world. And as any normal intelligence person will have noticed by now, there is a metric-s**t ton of blatantly dishonest businesses in China. It won’t take long for you to notice all the copies and fakes being sold by Chinese Vendors on AliExpress and today I’ll be sharing some screen shots of some interesting counterfeits.

          Also, let me preface this by saying I obviously don’t find anything wrong with buying Chinese products and I don’t think it should be a crime to sell copies but when it comes to selling counterfeits, I get very annoyed. No one can deny that when a person goes to sell an item that is branded under a name that differs from the true company who produced it, they are intentionally misleading customers and conflating their products with another company’s products.

          Check out these screenshots I took while looking around on AliExpress. Also, knives aren’t the only thing being faked on this website but I don’t care about those other products. Also, you may have to expand the pictures to get a better view of them. You can do this right clicking the image and selecting “open image in new tab” or “view image” depending on the web browser you are using.


Here is a counterfeit of the U.S. made Spyderco Military. I don’t believe a serrated blade version was made with black G10 handles so either Spyderco makes sprint runs and ships them to China from America and they get sold for 1/8th the cost or the obvious is happening. Furthermore, this knife is marked “CPM S30V” while being marketed as D2 tool steel.



The counterfeiters even go after cheap Kershaw knives. The seller states that this is from an “OEM” (original equipment manufacturer) but something tells me that Kershaw’s contract with their Chinese factory doesn’t allow the sale of their designs through anyone but themselves. If you examine this images for this listing you will see that the jimping is more shallow than what is depicted on Kerhsaw’s website and for whatever reason the person who made this listing decided that they needed to alter the image to eliminate the frame lock of the knife handle so I guess this knife is non-locking…



It’s good to see that Chris Reeve Knives is dabbling in global trade in order to lower the cost of their Sebenza 21. I guess all they needed to do to get their knives down to modest price was to ship them to the Chinese mainland. Interestingly enough, the seller calls this knife a “cleaver Utility fruit paring kitchen camp hunting knife”. At least the buyer knows that it can do it all.



This one is supposed to be a Cold Steel Steel Tiger. As the seller states it is good for hunting so head out to some wooded area near you and have at it! Also, this thing is listed as having VG-1 blade steel rather than AUS 8 which is what Cold Steel says it should be made with. I think the top “handstop” sticks out to far. Take a look at this screenshot and compare it to the Cold Steel product picture and tell me what you think.



This is an old screenshot from a couple of years ago and it is just ridiculous. For a part of the world where people are supposed to have an above average IQ this seller sure isn’t very smart. As you can tell it is supposed to be a Kershaw Shuffle. I guess the slotted screwdriver on the back is actually a hammer. If only I knew sooner!



This is another screen shot from the same listing for a Kershaw Shuffle. You can tell it isn’t the real deal because the thumb stud is in the wrong spot. It’s just out in the open and weird looking, if you ask me. With all of these listings, the title is jam packed with keywords. This one contains four versions of the word “knife”.


          Hopefully you enjoyed these pictures as well as my commentary. So have you seen any wacky or outrageously bold listings for obvious counterfeited products? Feel free to leave to any comments, criticisms, or general comments down below. I will try to answer questions as soon as I can.