S&W M&P9 Replacement Mags: The Armscor/ACT-MAG M&P9 17-Round Magazine

          You know the drill: Do like having lots spare magazines for training with your Smith & Wesson M&P9 but also want to minimize the cost typically accrued from buying so many? Be like John Correia (Active Self Protection) and have many. I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider the Armscor/ACT-MAG M&P9 17-Round Magazine so that you can have many for a reduced cost.

          The Armscor/ACT-MAG M&P9 17-Round Magazine is a replacement, standard capacity magazine for the Smith & Wesson M&P9. These magazines are manufactured by the Italian company, ACT-MAG (est. 2002), and can be seen being sold under at least two different brands and apparently have some connection to Armscor and Rock Island Armory. It, of course, can be used in the newer M&P 9 M2.0, as said magazine compatibility was intended by S&W which conveniently prolongs the commercial relevance of this ACT-MAG product. The ACT-MAG M&P9 magazine bears impressive quality given the price these can be had for. At less than $20 from multiple online retailers (such as The Mag Shack, Bud’s Gun Shop, and GrabAGun) these mags are very enticing. 

The first M&P9 magazine on the left in an ACT-MAG mag. The middle one is a factory S&W mag and the last one with obvious weld seem is from ProMag.

          At the time of this article’s publishing, I have had three of these magazines since February of this year. I have mainly used them for training and sometimes in amateur USPSA matches. Each one of my ACT-MAG mags have seen roughly 200 rounds. Most of the time I shot them through a full sized M&P9 M2.0 but I did use them in two different M&P9 M2.0 Compact’s without any problems. The spring pressure in these feels very similar to the spring pressure in factory M&P9 17-round magazines when fully loaded. This means that they won’t impart an adverse amount of resistance on the underside of the side during the first couple of rounds when starting off with a round in the chamber and a fully loaded magazine. The two ProMag M&P9 17-round magazines that I have are remarkably stiff when loaded to 17 and, conceivably, could induce a failure to fully cycle when shot from the “17+1” condition.

An ACT-MAG reload in action.

          The ACT-MAG M&P9 magazine has been one of those low-cost products that I have really liked as it’s quality is rather impressive, again, considering the price versus a factory M&P9 17-round magazine. The plastic base plate, the spring, the plastic follower, and the magazine body all seem suited to the tasks asked of it through the typical, mild roughhousing of shooting to empty, reloading, and repeat. One minor issue I noticed was that it seems that the satin blued finish on these is slightly less lubricious than the finish found on factory M&P9 mags or even the finish found on ProMag M&P9 magazines. This quality did, however, seem almost entirely inconsequential as it did not noticeably slow reloads. The minor reduction in lubricity seems like a trade-off that ACT-MAG may be better off not improving as other conventional, low friction treatments to the steel could increase their cost, reducing their market competitiveness as low-cost replacement magazines.

Last primer fully visible from witness hole denotes current round count.

          Given my experience with the three ACT-MAG products I have, I am not sure why these things aren’t more popular among M&P9 owners. Having extra magazines for training means you can have more loaded when you get to the range which can be particularly important if you go shooting at an indoor range where you are charged per hour or half hour of range use. ACT-MAG seems to know how to make a product of good qaulity that can retail for nearly 2/3rds the cost of the original thing. Now, if only I could get ACT-MAG to start making M2.0 Compact 15-round magazines… (Please email them and tell them to make M&P9 M2.0 Compact 15-round magazines!).

          Thanks for giving this article a read. I am always pleased to write about a product impresses me and I want its merits to impress you, the reader, as well. If you want to know more about anything I wrote about in here or have any criticisms or comments them go ahead and let me know and I will send my reply in a reasonable amount of time. Take care, Skeeter.