So, You Carry A Gun To Defend Youself But You Are Overweight And Smoke Cigerettes?

Attention: Don’t take this as a personal insult but rather as a crucial opportunity for self-improvement. After reading this article, I hope you see it as honest, thoughtful criticism rather than someone just bullying and acting cruel for no good reason.

          Far too often, do I see gun owners and freedom-loving patriots living unhealthy lives that are trademarked by an excess of body fat and an absence of physical fitness. How can someone be so concerned with preserving life through armed resistance overlook their own poor health choices as cause of an untimely demise. Furthermore, the conservatives and libertarians are supposed to be the ones that are responsible and mature enough to lead a healthy and functional lifestyle without the need of an ugly, overgrown, bureaucratic, nanny-state that is as efficient with tax dollars, as a wicker basket is with transporting water. Keep in mind that this isn’t to say that this apparent failure by the people is justification enough to form a nanny state. I’m just pointing out the obvious disharmony of behaviors between going out armed on a daily basis and a near total indifference to your own body’s health. Also, self-control and moral decisions are supposed to be a trademark of those who want limited government.

          Along with this condition being an example of two cases of cognitive dissonance, it also ideologically weakens the pro-gun argument, and the freedom movement in general. But wait, there’s more. It also physically weakens the freedom movement. The more unhealthy you are, the more your quality of life goes down and the more unpleasant you will be to others. The more unhealthy you are, the more money it takes to keep yourself from dying. The more unhealthy you are, the more your abilities and talents get limited by interruptions and medical restrictions. The more unhealthy you are, the more time it takes away from living your desired life and promoting freedom. You see, you are an ambassador for self-governance, and we need you alive and well to keep up the fight for freedom!

          Being stick and overweight and addicted and sedentary is not a way of life you should ever settle for. Things need to get done and progress needs to be made. You have skills that can, and must, be unleashed. You have the ability to become a master at something, and you absolutely should be! Don’t sacrifice a higher, better expression of yourself for the immediate gratification that comes from a drag on a cigarette, or from eating fast food, or from skipping a work-out in favor of plopping on the couch after a long day.

          Let me tell you something. There is only one thing standing between you and your highest and best self. And it is brutal, grueling sacrifice and the only thing that you must sacrifice is you immediate comfort. It is that simple, but it is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY hard. Make no joke about it, there is a reason not everyone accomplishes their dream. These people end up settling with mediocrity. Don’t let that be you!