Small In Profile, Very Durable, And Extremely Useful. Timex Ironman Essential 10 Watch, Reviewed.

          Let me tell you this: I have worn this watch on a daily basis since August of 2014. It is still working perfectly and only needed its CR2016 lithium battery changed one time about three months ago. This watch has been subject to countless smacks and scrapes and gets soaked every day. I absolutely recommend this watch to anyone who understands the value that a multi-mode watch brings to one’s life.

          I purchased my Ironman Essential 10 watch from Target in 2014 for under $35. Initially, I got it for running cross country while still in school. It is very lightweight at 1.40oz (40g). In addition to that, this watch’s profile is flat and trim. I picked the Ironman Essential 10 over the Ironman Classic 30 since it was smaller in profile compared to many of the Classic 30 designs. A thing to remember with these Timex Ironman watches are that they come in different styles for each model. I definitely recommend against getting any watch that has a Velcro/hook-and-loop strap. It will noticeably wear out over time and they are also subject to developing odor. The resin strap on my watch is comfortable but it is not as secure as what I would like. Its not that the watch is prone to coming off my wrist its just that the “keeper” will sometimes let go of the excess watch strap.

This watch is well-worned and I am ready to buy another one if this thing ever breaks.

          The modes on this Ironman Essential 10 include the following: a stopwatch with 10 lap memory recall, a count-down timer that ends with an alarm, an alarm clock, a light-up feature for looking at your watch in the dark and run-of-the-mill time keeping, of which there are two modes/time zones you can set up.

          This watch is great for people who are physically active. I use the stopwatch for running and other types of exercises all the time. The convenience of always having a stop watch function on your person is great. It makes it harder to come up with excuses for not going on that run or doing those sets of pull ups you said you would do. Excluding exercise, it is very helpful to have the time with you at every moment. I believe it leads to success in life. You will be late to work and school less, you can plan more accurately, and you will be more aware of how much time things take out of your day. Watches like this one are leaps and bounds more durable and convenient than relying on solely your smart phone and that why I love these things.

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