Shining Bright and Ready To Go. It’s The 5.11 Tactical TMT PLx EDC Flashlight.

          Are you in the market for a bright, slim, single-mode everyday carry flashlight? Do you need an inspection light for work or for your various hobbies, whatever they may be? Then I come to you today with the news of another respectable compact light option except this time it’s from 5.11 Tactical. They usually stick to apparel but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing.

          The TMT PLx from 5.11 Tactical puts off 90 lumens of light when powered by two alkaline AAA batteries. The run time is four hours and the beam it produces is supposed to shine a distance of 40 meters. Of course, all this information is provided by 5.11. All I know is that this thing is brighter than what I normally need it for, but that’s just me. Your needs will probably be different and all of this isn’t to say that I haven’t taken advantage of the increased light. I know a lot of people who prefer to have a bright single mode E.D.C. light and that is what this thing offers. During moderate-to-high use I could get 15 days between battery changes. This was when I was using lithium batteries which I always try to use in order to prevent batteries leakage and to get longer performance and brighter run times.

When loaded with lithium batteries this thing weighs 1.87oz (53.2g). Its overall length is 5.1″ (12.9) long. It’s diameter not including the clip is .67″ (1.7cm). Unbeknownst to me for months, it is actually also offered in F.D.E. and silver colorations.

          As is the standard for nearly all E.D.C. lights, the TMT PLx’s body and tail switch is made of aluminum that has been anodized black. This makes it very durable and better sealed from water when o-rings are used, which this thing does have and it certainly can resist water egress from rainfall, splashes, and puddles. As you can see the body is mostly smooth but anti-rool geometry has been formed into it. This doesn’t really add much in the way of grip, but hey, at least it will not shred your pockets! The tail switch has been checkered in order to make removing it easier to do which is nice.

The Cree L.E.D. on this thing isn’t set very far into the body so it has a wider-than-normal beam size. It can really light up enclosed areas because of this feature.

          Now, being that this everyday carry light it has a pocket clip. It is made of steel and is stamped out of a fairly thick sheet stock compared to a lot of other flashlights I have carried and used. It is plenty rigid to help prevent accidental bendings. I’d say this clip is “low-capacity”, meaning that it could not be clipped to some thicker sweatpants pockets or the waist bands of certain pants without it being pushed to it’s limits and getting bent out of shape. Furthermore, it is painted black and has been laser engraved with the model name of the product.

Batteries can only be loaded into the back due to the lens section being permanently attached to the body. That is one less potential leak point, I suppose.

          The tail switch button is rubber and is protruding. I think I have accidentally turned it on once before while it was clipped to my pocket but it was pretty noticeable so I do not think it was on for very long. I do prefer protruding switches over one’s that are more concealed/fenced off. They are more ergonomic and quicker to get to. Something else that I like about it, is that it is a momentary switch so it turns on as long as there is a certain level of pressure on it even though it has not actually been clicked on. Though, if you want to turn this thing on permanently you will have to press it pretty hard to get it to click. This is kind of annoying. It is harder to press than the Streamlight Microstream.

          Not a bad light at all from a design and performance perspective. It is a competitive option, indeed! When I got it in the mail and opened it, which was over two and a half months ago, I could see and feel the quality. 5.11 Tactical wasn’t messing around when they made this light…

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure it is well constructed and informative. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and post them in the comment section. Any questions will be answered in a timely manner.

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