Paint Your Iron Sights To Make Them Better.

          Following these steps will leave you with some highly visible gun sights that don’t look to tacky as long as you take your time and chose a valid candidate for painting.

1.) First, you need to obtain enamel paint. I used Testors Fluorescent Enamel Paint Set. It gives you six colors to work with which great for making front and rear sights that contrast strongly with each other. Plus the Testors paint set comes with a bottle of thinner for fast removal of unwanted paint.

2.) Next, you must chose what sights you are going to be painting. Standard AR-15 iron sights are a little difficult to paint but it can be done. Handgun sights make for a good option especially if you have ones that simply involve filling in dimples where paint used to be. The compatibility a set of sights has with being painted all depends on the geometry and design of those said sights. It helps just to sit down and think about how you are going to accomplish your project.

3.) Now since you have your candidate for painting, you will need to clean up the painted surfaces for maximum consistency and proper paint adherence. Try using isopropyl alcohol soaked cotton swabs to wipe away any oil/grease on the soon-to-be painted surfaces.

4.) After that, there maybe some dust or fibers lingering around. Blast away any foreign debris with a can of compressed air to ensure a clean surface is achieved.

5.) Depending on your set-up, putting painter’s tape down may be a wise idea in order to avoid longer clean up times. Having certain areas taped over will also allow you to be more ambitious with your painting. Like I stated early, just try to think through every single step in this process to work out the kinks and limitations of your plan.

6.) At this point, you must ready your painting supplies. Shake the bottles of enamel paint that you are using to the point where the paint is homogeneous. If you are just dipping something like a front sight post then you won’t need a brush but for everything else you will need one. I cut off the end of a cotton swab at an angle to give myself a needle-like point to precisely apply paint.

7.) These paints produce a lot of fumes so either wear a respirator or have directed ventilation carrying away the fumes. Ventilation/moving air will speed up drying times to.

8.) Time for painting! Work cautiously and remember that even though this paint is pretty viscous, it will run where gravity wants it to. Furthermore, multiple layers will be needed in most circumstances so give each layer at least two minutes to dry.

9.) The only thing left to do now is let the paint dry. Testors says that their paint cures in 48 hours but it can be touched without worry before that time has elapsed. Try not to be rough with your newly painted sites during installation. Using tools that have been padded with electrical tape should prevent any scrapping off of the paint but still be careful.

Here are some UTG fixed iron sights that I painted for my AR-15. Please note that folding your dual aperture rear sights may affect the enamel paint because the paint will be pushed against a surface that the site would normally be pressed against.

          Alright, now that you finished this process your iron sights will look cool and be highly distinguishable from whatever is in your environment which will make them feel master. It is similar to how red dots optics are faster for aiming because the color of the reticle is very different from whatever you are aiming at. If you decide to send me your results, I will add them to a gallery of pictures on this page.

          Thanks for reading this article of mine! If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms then go ahead and leave them down in the comment section down below. I will try to answer any questions in a timely manner.