No More Normal Belts! Get The Blade-Tech Instructor’s Belt.

          Before I bought this heavy-duty gear belt equipped with a Cobra Buckle, all I had was one of those weak little fabric belts with a double d-ring buckle. That thing was pretty limp and wimpy but it’s all better now since I got the Blade-Tech Instructor’s Belt 7 months ago.

          The greatest feature that this belt offers is the inclusion of the Original COBRA Buckle. These champs were designed and are made by the Austrian company AustriAlpin and from my experience, they are high quality products. This buckle design makes for fast disconnecting and reconnecting of the Blade-Tech Instructor’s Belt. It is pretty slick. All you have to do is pull the two exposed brass clips in the direction that goes away from the female side of the buckle. Connecting them is as simple as just pushing the two parts of the buckle back into each other. Also, these COBRA Buckles are supposed to have the ability to support a load of 2,000 lbs, not that I really need it to do that. If you get this heavy-duty belt, then you can rest assured because the buckles will be able to fit through most, if not all, belt loops. The female end of the buckle is 2″ (5cm) wide while the male end is 1.6″ (4.1cm) wide. I typically just lace the male end into the belt loops and just reverse the process to get it out of my pants, though both parts of the buckles can fit through the belt loops on my pants. Most of the heavy-duty gear belts, a.k.a. tactical belts, will not be able to fit through the belt loops found on average pants so one would have to remove one half of the buckle from the belt in order to lace it through a given pair of pants.

The buckle on this belt is a variant of the AustriAlpin “COBRA The Original – Adjustable”. The male end is a lot smaller than other versions on featured on their site so I think Blade-Tech had these specifically for the Instructors Belt.

          Still following the idea of being heavy-duty, the strap of the belt is reinforced with a rigid material to allow it to hold heavier loads. There are three “breaks” in this embedded rigid material which allow pants to be folded while the belt is still laced in it. The strap is made of nylon and is about 1.45″ (3.9cm) thick in the up and down dimension. My belt is a medium so it is adjustable from a size 32 to a size 34. I normally wear a size 32 pants so this belt worked fine. The way that this thing adjusts is through the use of hook and loop pads (Velcro). After seven months of use, it is still working for me. Blade-Tech says that their sizes on this belt are as follows: small = 29″ to 31″, medium = 32″ to 34″, large = 35″ to 37″, x-large = 38″ to 40″, and xx-large = 41″ to 43″. I reckon that the belt that I got could accommodate even smaller sizes so the other belt probably could to.

Blade-Tech put four breaks in the interior rigid plastic material along the length of the belt. This enables the pants to be folded when this belt is looped through it. Two of those places were there is no reinforcement is near the buckle.

          Like I stated earlier. I have had this belt for around 7 months so I can tell you a thing or two about its durability. The buckle is working fine. Some of the powder coat paint on the male end has chipped away. Not a problem there. The hook and loop pads are still hanging in there. Given the task that it completes it doesn’t have to be super grabby or anything, although I do wish there was a more resilient substitute for Velcro. This belt is just about as firm as it was the day I got it, so no perceptible decrease in condition there. The fabric that the hook and loop pad it attached to is fraying a little but nothing to crazy. Again, this belt has been my choice for 7 months and it is doing good. The fraying could be fixed by singeing the stray threads with a lighter. Also keep in mind that this product has a one-year warranty from Blade Tech and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

*Since checking the website, Blade-Tech now has a lifetime guarantee on this belt.

Blade-Tech offers this belt in black and flat dark earth. Obviously, the one pictured in this article is F.D.E.. This color actually fits quite well with casual shorts and pants that are khaki or tan in color.

          Now as far as comfort is concerned, I’ll just say that I choose to wear this thing so much for a reason. When adjusting to your specific size you can tell if its too tight in a matter of minutes because you will feel a dull pain around your waist. All it takes is getting the size right.

          If you are still wearing normal belts then you should upgrade with this. If you need a belt for concealed carry then this will work. I am pleased with switching over to something more serious and logically designed. It is a respectable product and it stays secure without requiring a bunch of re-adjustments like with my old belt.

          Thanks for reading this article. I always put effort into making sure my reviews are well constructed and useful for people needed pertinent information . If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know.