Need A Cheap Holster, Now? Here Is One From eBay.

          There is a seller on eBay by the name shooterindustriesholsters and this seller offers an Inside-the-Waist-Band (I.W.B.) holster for about $37. This particular holster is made out of the popular thermoplastic, Kydex®, and comes in numerous pistol and weapon light configurations. It also has one of those greatly-needed “claw” attachments and it ships in a couple days, not seven.

          For the first paragraph, I will talk about the concealability factor of this holster. Keep in mind, I only tested this holster with a Springfield XD-S. This holster is available for several guns like Glock 19, Glock 43, Smith & Wesson Shield, Taurus G2C, Walther PPS M2, and various 1911’s. First, bad news. An area were this holster has some obvious flaws is in concealability. For one, the clip is a little low. This means that it holds the gun higher up. If I’m not mistaken, the higher your C.C.W. is from your belt/waist line the easier it is to notice since the firearm would be covered less by belt or pants material and covered more by thinner shirt material. Additionally, belts are more rigid and stiff so they do a better job of keeping your firearm close to your body. The other factor that hinders concealability is the presence of extra Kydex®. There is extra material at the muzzle end and there is extra material at the mouth of the holster. The extra material issue can be easily fixed with a grinding wheel and a pair of aviation snips. One massively important thing that this holster has that helps its concealability, is the inclusion of a device known as a claw. What claws do is push against the inside of your pants’s waste so that the rest of your holster, as well as the gun, gets pushed closer towards your body. This makes your concealed firearm substantially harder to notice compared to not having a claw.

This holster is called the “4-in-1 Holster IWB/AIWB Kydex Holster w/ RCS Claw Appendix Adjustable Cant” and this is what it looks like before any modifications. It probably weighed under 3oz but I didn’t record a weight before I modified it.

          We are at comfort, now. This holster is on par with many other I.W.B. holster that are made of Kydex®. It does have a mid-height sweat guard that will keep most of the slide from touching your body. This is also good for softening the sharpness of the gun when it sticks into your torso as you go to stoop and pick something up off the ground. This holster can be adjusted for cant but only about 20° in one direction. I have actually found that it is better to have your C.C.W. stick straight up because it easier to conceal. But I realize having this adjustment is good for some people because their carry set up may be different from mine, plus this holster doesn’t really lose any security or rigidity because of the inclusion of an adjustable cant belt clip.

This is a 2.0 second draw from start to first round fired.

          Next on the agenda is speed and retention. Again, this holster is about on par with many other Kydex I.W.B. holsters because a lot of these holster are very similar. With a winter jacket on, I can generally get draws that are about 2.5 to 3 seconds long. On the belt clip, there is a little ridge that snags on things. I recommend filing this off. I think it was included for people who carry at the 4 o’clock position. I guess it would help keep the gun from getting exposed when those people bend/lean over. And, I suppose their intended work-around would be to have people “sweep” away the covering garment rather than pull on them like how I do. As far as retention goes, there is only one thing to worry about. This holster only uses the clamping force of Kydex to keep it in place and retention isn’t adjustable. In theory, the holster could wear away enough to the point where it wouldn’t securely hold the gun. But, in the four months that I have had this holster, it still holds on firmly enough to where I can shake a 26oz gun that’s upside down and this holster will still hold the gun in place. I suppose Kydex is just flexible enough to where it hardly wears away from the action of holstering and drawing.

Two things: This photo shows the ridge that I suggest you file down. And, the belt clip is made for 1.5″ belts but you can request a 1.75″ clip, too.

          This bring us to durability and quality. For $37, the quality of this holster is good enough for me. The hardware uses steel Allen head Chicago screws. The body is made out of black Kydex. The belt clip is plastic and so is the claw attachment, which is a Raven Concealment RCS VG Claw. The plastic is a little flexible but it is strong enough for the task. The manufacturer of the holster says that this holster is made in America and made with genuine Kydex and premium fasteners.

Here is the holster after I cut away the extra material at the muzzle end and mouth of the holster. I also filed off the belt clip ridge.

          Its a good holster for the money. When I discovered this thing online and when I had finally got it in my hands, I was very pleased that I was actually able to get a good I.W.B. holster for under $60. Usually cheap holsters are poorly designed and are made of leather or nylon fabric. And, that crap is basically out of the question for me. So is anything that doesn’t have a claw… But this holster is good-to-go. I just highly recommend that you do the modifying I talk about.

          I thank you for reading my article. A lot of time was put into making sure it is well constructed and informative. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments, then please post them down below. I will try to answer any questions as soon as I can.

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