Meadow Vole Ignores Range Safety Rules.

I realize this isn’t super interesting or bizarre but I’m going to go ahead and cover it anyways since I got some pictures.

          So, I was with one of my relatives out at a shooting range in southern Iowa on a spring morning. We had just stapled up some targets. The person I was with chambered a round in his AR and nearly started shooting when all of the sudden, out of the wild blue yonder, a small rodent could be seen scurrying around right underneath his target that he had just set up. He stopped before shooting and called out his new target then took precise aim and zipped it away with a single shot that left nothing of the animal behind due to the extreme power of the bullet. Just kidding. We actually walked up to investigate the rodent and to get it out of the line of fire.


These are some of the pictures I managed to take upon the creature being sighted…

After minutes of arduous research, I determined that this thing is what is known as a meadow vole. They live in many parts of Canada and the northern half of The United States. They can be differentiated from common mice by their small ears and stubby tails.


Here it is upon being captured. The person who held it described it as “weighing absolutely nothing”. As you might have guessed, this little guy is good at climbing due to its aggressive front and back paws.

          You guys can rest assured because after I got the pictures seen above, the meadow vole was placed in a nearby grassy field where it doesn’t have to get shot at so often. And lastly, thanks for reading my article. Feel free to leave your thoughts down below in the comment section.