MAXXTech Steel Cased Ammo Wrecked My Handgun!

          Careful. This stuff is pretty much trash on a consistent basis and you should exercise caution when using it and if you do plan on buying it, make sure you can get it for a really low price in order to offset the risks involved!

I never was able to find the extractor. Also this isn’t the first time I had to put a lot of force into clearing a jam with MAXXTech steel case, but this time proved more severe than the last few times.

          Recently, I went to the range with a pistol and just a single box of MAXXTech to feed it; I left with half a box of MAXXTech and a gun that was missing its extractor. What had happened to cause this catastrophic malfunction was that a round got stuck in the chamber, which is very common with this ammunition, so I proceeded to clear the jam using a “tried-and-true” technique of racking the slide back by thumping the forward facing surface of the front sight up against something stationary. This muzzle strike-like move cleared the stuck casing. I then went to shoot another mag and the first round failed to get extracted. I cleared it then tried again but with another malfunction as a result. At that point, I looked down and saw that my extractor was missing along with its accompanying pieces.

          This ammo is known as MAXXTech and it is made in the eastern European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Pobjeda Technology, a company with 60 years of experience in the munitions industry. It has a zinc-plated steel case and features a brass-jacketed lead bullet. As far as I know it is only offered in a 115 grain FMJ variety. I have shot around 300 rounds of the stuff with bad results. Don’t quote me on this but I think I have had no less that 7 malfunctions. I think most of those were failures-to-extract with some failures-to-chamber, as well. (Keep in mind that these malfunctions weren’t accurately recorded.)

          What makes this ammo so prone to failure is that the primers tend to protrude out of the primer pocket. Excess brass will also stick out and partly cover the case head. This condition also makes it hard to chamber rounds. Sometimes I would have to hit the slide forward so that it would go into battery.

This is pretty common to see with this ammo and is sure to cause a stoppage. At least Pobjeda Technology is ISO 9001 certified so I guess I don’t need to worry about it when it jams my guns.

          It’s pretty clear that the factory that produces this ammo has some pretty weak quality control procedures in place because there must have been one round in every box that had a protruding primer. I don’t think this ammo is entirely worthless. You can practice clearing malfunctions and that is at least worth something.


Here is an extra long case of MaxxTech 9mm Luger next to two normal-length spent cases. This defective round is unfired because it will not go into the chamber properly.

          One of my relatives was trying to finish off their remaining supply of this ammo and one of those remaining cartridges caused his handgun to fail to go into battery when he had chambered the round. Upon further examination, it turned out that that bad round actually had too long of a case. As you may know 9mm Parabellum has a max case length of 19.25mm. This special little cartridge had a case that measured 20.1mm in length. MaxxTech sucks.