Looks Cool, Doesn’t Work: KCI 100 Round Drum Magazine

          This is more of a warning rather than a review. It looked cool and went nicely with my AR-15 L.M.G. build, but it seemingly can’t feed more than 7 rounds in a row. Sometimes, I think to myself, “At least it makes for a cool prop.”. But truth is, it’s just a waste of $107.99.

          I had purchased the KCI 100 round drum magazine about 7 months ago and it has never worked for me. Also, keep in mind that the one I got is the Gen II version. It is supposed to be the one that replaces the older, faultier version. So, if you thought to yourself, “The one I’m gonna buy is the upgraded Gen II version. It’ll be better than this guy’s drum mag.”, you’d better think twice because this thing is a total failure.

Here is KCI’s drum mag in my AR-15 L.M.G. build. FYI, this magazine is a copy of Beta Co.’s C-Mag.

          From what I can tell, the issues that this mag experiences include a right-side drum that keeps losing spring pressure and a tendency for the top round to be pushed into the feed tower, rather than into the chamber, during cycling. My drum appears to have plenty of graphite powder lube and upon disassembly of the KSI AR-15 Drum Magazine, I don’t see any obvious defects or obstructions that would hold the right-side follower back. The manual is no help since it’s written in Engrish and the warranty doesn’t mean s**t since I would have to mail the thing to Paju, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea. That would probably cost a ton and it would probably take 7 months to get returned to me. Thanks Kyung Chang Industry for such goofy ass attempt at delivering your consumer product to the U.S. market.

          Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, then do not hesitate to post them down in the comment section. I will try to answer any questions as soon as I can.