Look Here. It’s A Giant Puffball Mushroom.

          There I was. Completing a “cool down” after finishing a very tiring run at a local outdoor recreation area, when I stumbled across a nearly basketball sized giant puffball mushroom. It was just about five feet from the trail, in the mix of some dense vegetation. There were several of them in this one area. Most were smaller than this one but there were at least two that seemed to be similarly sized though I didn’t check those one out because they were pretty far into the weeds. There really isn’t anything else to this story so I’ll just leave you with some nice, large pictures of the beast.

Here it is. In all it’s glory, in its natural environment, which is in a deciduous forest, in September, after two days of heavy rainfall.
Yep, it was pretty big. In this photo, it is next to a person who wears size 12 shoes.
From a top view, you can see that it is fairly large. It was also pretty heavy (for fungus) but it never actually got weighed.
As you can tell, it got dropped onto the ground. The poor fella was stabbed by grass as a result of it’s fall.

          In the end, I just lelt this thing in a gravel parking area without even full-force chucking it against something hard despite having the desire to. I didn’t know exactly what it was or if it was poisonous to any degree, and it also smelled kind of weird so I wasn’t going to take it with me or anything else like that. Interestingly enough, these things, the Calvatia gigantea/giant puffball, are edible and they don’t look half bad after they have been prepared by someone who what to do with them.