Let’s All Point And Laugh At Cabela’s Awful Pistol Package “Deals”.

          I recently received a catalog in the mail from the well-known hunting, outdoor, and shooting sports retailer, Cabela’s. Boy oh boy, did I come across some serious garbage-level prices. I realize Cabela’s was purchased last year (September 25th, 2017 to be exact) by Bass Pro Shops and that Bass Pro Shops is known for having uncompetitive prices, but damn, this is a total f***ing joke. See for yourself…

          I’ll break down several of these Cabela’s pistol packages to show you how much of a joke this is. I will include both prices from cabela’s themselves as well as prices from other more competent retailers.

1.) Smith & Wesson® SDVE Pistol Package – $434.99

  • Here is the SD9VE Pistol Package. For the experienced gun enthusiast, this isn't enticing at all.

2.) Smith & Wesson® M&P 9 M2.0 Pistol Package – $769.99

  • If you are very new to the world of firearms and you don't know how to use a computer then this might not seem like a scam.

3.) Ruger® LC9s Pistol Package – $479.99

  • If you like wasting your dollars then look no further than this package deal from Cabela's!


          Now, I’ll just throw in some single screenshots of the other trash-level deals but there are more than just 6 “deals” that Cabela’s has listed. Feel free to add up the prices on your own. Click here to witness a manifestation of mental retardation in the realm of outdoor and shooting retail. You will not be impressed.


4.) Kimber® Custom II Two-Tone Pistol Package – $1049.99

5.) Ruger® LCP II Pistol Package – $394.99

6.) Glock® 43 Pistol Package – $619.99

          I don’t remember if Cabela’s was this uncompetitive before they were acquired by Bass Pro Shops but man oh man, this is a new level of terrible. In all seriousness, who were they trying to trick with these offerings. I’m aware that there exist a portion of the gun culture that is completely computer illiterate but wow, they must also be betting on getting customers that lack any desire to compared prices and/or break down the value of a bundle package.