Klean Kanteen Bottles. I Don’t Need Anything Else.

          If you are like me, then you understand that water is important. You also understand the vulnerabilities of plastic water bottles, especially the disposable ones. You may want to carry more than just 16.9oz or 20oz with you at a time without carrying a clumsy grocery bag full of water bottles. You probably want that bottle to be somewhat memorable so you don’t accidentally forget it. You probably want that bottle to be distinguishable from others so you don’t mix them up. You may want your beverages to stay cold or hot, longer.

The Klean Kanteen Bottles are just better than the others.

          Those are the justifying points for buying and using stainless steel water bottles. Though, there are many hundreds of stainless steel bottles they are not all equally well-made. Some are total crap despite how simple a concept a bottle is, but at least the ones from Klean Kanteen are well worth the money spent!

The Insulated Classic – 32oz / 0.9L

          This vacuum insulated bottle is great. It’s the most used bottle I have. I have dropped it when it was full and it managed to retain its lid unlike other bottles that I have owned. The drop from waste height onto concrete did not affect its insulative qualities, i.e. the vacuum seal wasn’t broken, from what I can tell. It just dented the bottle a little. Mine came with the standard Loop Cap and so I put a medium-sized carabiner with it. The carabiner can be used to help with firm tightening and loosening of the lid, especially with grimy hands. I find this to be helpful enough to warrant putting carabiners with all my lids. The carabiners make for much better carrying than just holding the bottle by the plastic cap loop hole. Another benefit gained from having a carabiner clipped to the cap is that it serves as an identifier. Its just one more thing that will make your bottle stand out.

I bought the 32oz insulated bottle first. This one is my favorite water bottle, hands down.

The Single Wall Growler – 64oz / 1.95L

          Now, I do not use this bottle as a personal bottle. As you may know, a growler is a container that is typically used to transport beer. They are just too large and heavy for most people to use as a personal beverage bottle. When filled up with water, this thing weighs 4lbs 14.5oz (2.22kg) whereas a run-of-the-mill 16.9oz (0.5L) plastic water bottle weighs 1lb 3oz (0.54kg) when full. This certainly depends on the individual and there activities but I have found that 64oz of water is just enough to get me through an 8-hour work day. Its nice just to grab this thing from home and put it in a fridge at work. Now since Klean Kanteen sells this as a growler, it came with there “Swing Lok” Cap. Its fancy and all but I find that it is too easy to be opened up inadvertently. I’m not saying that the force required to open it is really low, I’ve just found it to be a little risky for my liking. I would think that most people could find it more desirable than me. I switched out the original Swing Lok Cap for there Loop Cap. It is a “must” to have a carabiner paired with this tank for carrying purposes so that you don’t ever end up with a torn-off finger! But seriously, its very uncomfortable to carry it by hooking a finger through the Loop Cap.

Here is the 64oz uninsulated bottle with the Swing Lok cap. I now have the Loop Cap with a carabiner on it. All of the bottles mentioned can be outfitted with the Loop Cap if you so choose.

The Single Wall Classic – 40oz / 1.18L

          Here is a bottle that is a little more manageable than the 64oz’er. It still lends itself well to transport but I still use it as a normal water bottle. This one comes with the simple and rigid plastic Loop Cap. Again, I have the cap paired with a carabiner and the benefits still apply. The walls on these uninsulated/single wall bottles are thicker than some other brands I have used. Thicker wall material means that it is less prone to denting, which denting might promote rusting but I am not positive on that. This bottle, along with seemingly all Klean Kanteen bottles, is made from 18/8 stainless steel. This is probably the standard across all brands, though they could easily lie about it without consumers knowing. You can rest assured knowing that I have never seen any of the Klean Kanteen products rust but I would expect nothing less from a premium brand.

The 40oz bottle can serve as a growler and a personal water bottle. The Loop Caps are simple and rugged. With a carabiner attached, the lid can be set upside down to prevent any contact with table surfaces. Obviously this lid is right side up and touching the table.

The Insulated Classic – 20oz / 0.6L

          This size makes for a convenient little commuter bottle. If you are just going out and about, then this is the right size. At 2.8″ (7.1cm) in diameter, it should be narrow enough to fit in your car’s cup holders. The bottle I got has a matte blue powder coat finish. I have owned this particular bottle for 4 months and the coating is doing just fine. It isn’t flaking off or getting scratched. I find that this specific bottle is great for when I drive out to certain locations to go on runs. I really don’t need any more water immediately after a hard run so why carry something bigger. Furthermore, since this is insulated it can be in a hot car for at least 8 hours without the water getting warm. That’s just an estimate and I’m only talking about when the water has been refrigerated. Putting in Ice cubes would further extend the time but I don’t think there is a situation where this is critical. I wouldn’t think anyone would just leave there filled water bottles in there cars very long. Heck, even for my long runs I’m only out on the road for 1.5 hours. But this all still means your beverage will be colder than what it could have been.

Klean Kanteen claims that these bottles mentioned will go for at least 20 hours when the water is cold and last for 40 hours when the water has ice in it. I know that they will maintain a cold temperature overnight or during a 12 hour work day, easily.

The Single Wall Classic – 27oz / 0.8L

          The 27oz uninsulated bottle is actually the same size in diameter but just a little shorter than the 20oz bottle. Same goes with the 40oz uninsulated and the 32oz insulated bottle. This bottle is lightweight and small but still obviously not insulated so I just use it around the home. It gets more use during the winter months when it’s not going to get warm and where cold water isn’t all that needed. There isn’t much else to say. Its a simple item and its similar to the other products mentioned above.

Here is the handy little 27oz bottle. It is simple and light. I find it suitable for just around the house use.


          You will want to know how to clean these things. First off, I rarely put anything other than water in my Klean Kanteen bottles. What I do to keep them from gettin’ swampy is when I’m not using them I will put the lid and the bottle in the freezer. I will leave the lid loose on the bottle to prevent ice from forming between the lid’s threads and the bottle walls. Doing this will prevent damage and leave the bottles in a ready-to-go state. Once they are frozen they should be good for immediately fill up. If odor persist, then wash them in a dishwasher. Put the bottle on the bottom rack but leave the lid on the top rack. Washing the plastic lid on the bottom rack may warp it due to extreme heat.

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure it is well constructed and informative. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. So go ahead and tell me what is on your mind.

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