JE Machine Tech Flip-Up Sights = Poorly Made Junk

          I have a bad habit of buying things on without doing much research on them. My latest haul from Dvor contained 2 pairs of BUIS’s that turned out to be very bad, which caused me to reflect on my needlessly hasty Dvor purchasing habits. I was quite interested in the price for a single pair of these sights ($16.50) that it did not even occur to me to investigate this product at all, not to say that there was much information available on these sights. Unknown and unrecognizable brand names on Dvor or Optics Planet should cause immediate use of scrutiny if you become interested in buying them.

          The sights in question are the “Flip Up Front Sight – Steel” and the “Flip Up Rear Sight – Steel” sold by a company named JE Machine Tech. I have, so far, found them being sold either as a pair or individually on,,, and by multiple sellers on

Here they are, in all there non-USA made glory.

          At the time of purchase, Dvor actually listed these as being made in the United States but that detail was apparently removed after I checked (post-purchase) to get a screenshot. The “made in the USA” detail, in combination with the price, motivated me to buy these on impulse. However, one seller on ebay does/did have a listing for the rear sight were it is described as being made in the USA.

  • I am not omnipotent, but I am pretty certain this waste of $20.99 wasn't made in the USA.


          This same model of folding sight can/could actually be found on Amazon under another brand: Good Stuff Innovation. It seems that some Chinese/East Asia seller’s on Amazon need to work on honest and purposeful branding as well as product design and manufacturing because a quick glance through their products list reveals that they are another peddler of what appears to be cheaply made light and laser garbage. I’d say that what they sell is neither “Good Stuff”, nor is it an “Innovation”.

         At any rate, these folding sights sold under the JE Machine Tech brand are actually very similar in configuration to Knight’s Armament Company’s M4 Front Sight and their Folding Rear Sight (200-600 Meter Adjustable Model). After handling my JE Machine Tech sights, I can only imagine how much more better made the ones from KAC are. Sometime in the future I may acquire some as the sight picture with this style of iron sight has minimal visual clutter which I enjoy quite a bit. Now, on to the observations.

The Front Sight

  • That circular impression interrupting the threads is a dead give away of the MIM process (Metal Injection Molding).


          In terms of quality and usefulness, the front sight is the lesser of the two. Not only was one of my front sights missing a pin that kept the front sight perpendicular with the rail surface but the other one was still visually non-perpendicular as it leaned slightly forward. Though, not a massive deal that destroys usability, this slight but noticeable lack of perpendicularity probably would violate the quality control requirements established by KAC for their M4 Front Sight. This apparent looseness in quality control is not a good sign. If JE Machine Tech gets other products made for them by the same manufacturer that makes these sights then I feel it is safe to say that more quality control failures can be found on their other products and not just flaws in product design. The front sight post is not compatible with standard A2 front sight posts so you are stuck with the supplied one. Also, the front sight post cannot be adjusted using an A2 front sight adjustment tool… I guess the manufacturer never planned on airsofters changing the elevation on their front sight posts. Both of my folding front sights have weak fold detents and both do not fold completely flat.


The Rear Sight

  • Even though flaked-off paint is expected on rubbing surface, this removal of paint occurred within 10 folds.


          By some miracle, the rear sight appears and feels as though its execution was not quite as bad as the front sight. However, the rear sight still has notable flaws; the apertures on both have material left behind from them being cast. To be fair, the excess material on both didn’t noticeably obstruct or distort my sight picture due to my focus being on front sight post or the target. The markings on the rear sight seem to have be put in place by someone who doesn’t know what they do as they don’t line up with any other markings. The detents for the elevation and windage were actually strong and consistent on both of my rear sights, which was also a surprise to me.

Small, shallow slotted heads on screws are an abomination.

          Among other objectives, the JE Machine Tech’s “About Us” page declares the following…

“Our Mission: To consistently provide quality products with innovation in the firearms business.”

          I am unsure why they would sell products under the JE Machine Tech brand that contradict this statement. Upon further examination, it seems that the only steel components in these sights are the fasteners, springs, and fold detents. The product name “Flip Up Front Sight – Steel” and “Flip Up Rear Sight – Steel” seems to imply that these are primarily constructed of steel. The actually appear to be cast from some kind of Zinc-Aluminum alloy given the color of the bare metal and the absence of magnetic attraction throughout the sights. Also, Zinc-Aluminum alloys are relatively low cost and have a much lower melting point than steel which makes them easier to work with during the casting process. 

          At this point in my article I’d like to think that I’ve made my case. JE Machine Tech Flip Up Sights are grossly inferior to common market offerings and seem to demonstrate ineptness on the part of JE Machine Tech’s product development and/or 3rd party quality control, assuming they actually believe in their mission. I do like seeing small companies attack the market with innovation as such small-company-innovation not only provides the market with new and useful equipment but it also inhibits other companies from existing despite their lack of merit. JE Machine Tech ought to reconsider this product.

          Thanks for giving my work the time of day. I take great care in writing my articles and try to construct them in such a way as to make them precisely, factually, and semantically correct, which is the morally right thing to do. If you have any questions, criticisms, or other comments then feel free to leave them in the comment section and I will get back to you in timely fashion.