Its A High Powered E.D.C. Light. Here Is Streamlight’s ProTac 1L-1AA.

          If you find yourself in or near big dark, wide open spaces whether it be for work or just for around your own property then you ought to have a flashlight with plenty of power. Also, why not have that light be easily carried so it is more likely to be with you. Thus far, I’m pretty pleased with this feature packed flashlight from Streamlight.

          First I’ll cover the Ten-Tap programmable function and the modes that this light has. Out of the box the ProTac 1L-1AA is set in the high-strobe-low mode sets. Using the Ten-Tap function you can set the light to low-high or just high only mode. To change between modes you first start from the off position then you have to tap the tail switch 10 ten times and on the 10th tap you need to hold down the tail switch for a few moments. If you did it right then the flashlight will change modes and turn off. It has now been change to a different mode set.

The ProTac 1L-1AA is adaptable product for a range of users. I for one have mine set in the low-high mode and I usually have it powered by a lithium AA battery. Also, it weighs 2.25oz (69.8g) and is 4.25″ (10.8cm) long and has a diameter of 0.768″ (1.95) along the longest length of the body. This means in could serve as a weapon light with certain mounts. The head diameter is 0.95″ (2.4cm).

          As you may know, this thing can use either CR123 or AA batteries, which is a feature I think is pretty damn cool. With an CR123 lithium battery, the high and strobe mode produce 350 lumens of light while low produces 40 lumens. When loaded with an alkaline or lithium AA this thing produces 150 lumens for high and strobe, and it puts out a 40 lumen light during low mode. When you use a lithium AA battery you get longer run times than with alkaline plus lithiums never leak, at least from my experience. I try not to use alkaline batteries for my for expensive electronics. The high light levels really help when its bright outside and you are trying to see into relatively dark areas like in corners and crevises and under large objects. Refer to my chart below for the runtime stats provided by Streamlight.

          The ProTac 1L-1AA is outfitted with a momentary tail switch. This means the light can be activated just by putting slight pressure on the switch. It still can be clicked into the permanent on position. Momentary switches save battery life because turning it on and off takes less time. I really find that normal “clicky” switches are just to slow. Something that I don’t really like about this light’s tail switch is that the button is partially enclosed. This helps prevent accidental actuations that needlessly drain battery but that’s not the only thing that it does. I find that when I use this light a lot my thumb begins to hurts a little. The more times you have to press the tail switch with your thumb, the more uncomfortable your thumb feels. This is somewhat alleviated by putting your thumb in between the raised areas/fences that are there to prevent accidental actuations.

The enclosure around the tail switch gets in the way so I would have just preferred that it was protruding but this isn’t that big of a deal and I understand that people find this feature as a positive.

          Not that this is hard for flashlight companies to achieve but this light has a solid, rigid body that will resist cracking and crushing. This is because it is made out of aluminum rather than plastic like what some big box store flashlights are made of. Again, not that it’s amazing but it is still worth mentioning that this product is highly resilient to physical damage. Due to smart design this light is also water resistant. It can absolutely handle rain and spraying water no problem. The manufacturer claims that it can be submerged up to a distance of one meter so I guess you could go swimming with this thing if you so choose.

          Lastly, the clip on this E.D.C. light was made by a smart man. It can serve as a normal clip for in-the-pocket carry or it can be clipped onto the bill of a baseball cap to serve as a makeshift head lamp. I don’t wear hats so I don’t know how well that would work. It does only weighs 2.24oz (69.8g) when loaded with a CR123 battery. These weigh a hair more than a lithium AA. The spring steel that the clip is made out of is plenty flexible so that should reduce the chance of permanent deformation. This attribute allows it to be clipped onto wastebands or the thick pocket material found in sweatpants or some jeans.

This multi-use pocket clip design exist on other flashlights like the Streamlight MircoStream. I have no complaints for this part of the light. Good job Streamlight!

          This flashlight is small and light enough to be used as an everyday carry light. It is a little bright for my normal needs but it has come in handy for several events due to its sheer brightness. It is definitely a high quality item that is worth paying for. If you are one who likes to camp and does a lot of outdoor work/activities then I suggest you buy this thing.

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