It’ll Do Fine. Here is The Gerber Air Ranger (G10).

          Here we have a humble, simple, low cost everyday carry knife from Gerber Legendary Blades. The company is also known as Gerber and they usually produce gimmicky crap that is meant to be sold in the outdoor section of Wal-Mart, however, this folding knife deviates from that pattern so you should be pretty pleased if you end up getting this little guy.

          First thing’s first, lets talk about the blade on this thing. The drop point blade is 3.1″ ( cm) long from the end of the ricasso to the tip of the blade. Mine is plain edge but these are also sold in serrated versions as well. You may want to known what steel it is made of but that is a mystery to everyone except the employees at Gerber because nowhere is it posted what specific blade steel this thing has. I suppose it is just some Chinese budget steel. The knife was respectably sharp when I got it and it isn’t very dull now but I can’t imagine it is anything special given the circumstances and price point. With that said, don’t expect anything better than 8Cr13MoV. The blade on my Gerber Air Ranger has a gray oxide coating oxide that isn’t super durable but it should inhibit rust as well as reduce glare when direct sunlight hits the blade. Again, there are different versions of this knife which will come with a different color coatings. The thumb studs on this knife do just fine. They aren’t going to abuse the skin on your thumbs like some other knives. Also, they aren’t poorly shaped so that will attribute to more comfort. Due to the handle geometry, the studs are harder to reach than what they should be.

This Air Ranger with G10 scales weighs 3.32oz (94g) while having an overall length of 7.3″ (18.5) which is good and manageable. What isn’t good though is the mystery blade steel that Gerber, likely, has intentionally withheld from consumers.

          I must say, the action is fairly nice. The knife doesn’t have assisted opening which I prefer. After my several months of owning this folding knife, it has had some time to be worn-in and at this point, it is pretty satisfying to flick it open. The blade detent, which is pressed into the line lock, is strong enough to keep the blade held back safely but not too strong to where it makes opening the knife slow and uncomfortable. The liner lock on the Air Ranger was actually very rough when I got it but either it has been worn a little smoother or my fingers have been toughened-up since getting it because it isn’t as much of a thumb shredder like how it was. Another point with this thing’s liner lock is that is a little harder to get to than what it could be and it is noticeably stiffer than something like a Kershaw Skyline. But keep in mind it is a budget knife.

Here is the Gerber Air Ranger compared to the SOG Aegis. As you can see this knife would be considered to be on the small end of the scale for everyday carry folding knives.

          The handle on this Air Ranger is made with neat looking olive drab green G10 scales which is a good move on Gerber’s part. I for one really like the feel of these types of fiberglass composites. There is an aluminum scaled version available and it is more expensive. The texture on the G10 scales is quite tame but still adequate. Now, as far as the handle geometry is concerned I think it was smartly designed. With my large hands, I can get a pretty secure, full fingered grip. The textured thumb ramp, which is integral with the blade, adds to grip security. Lastly, there is a lanyard hole drilled into the handle for people who are into that sort of thing. 550 paracord will definitely fit through this hole.

          A very critical part of all everyday carry knives is the pocket clip. This pocket clip is just fine though it is relegated to tip down carry. The clip holds firmly onto the thing it is attached to and it can take on thick pocket material like the stuff found on sweat pants, certain jeans, and on waste bands. If you where born wrong-handed then good luck because this is only for right-hand carry. I’m right-handed so its no issue for me.

I’m sure you got the idea by now but this knife is pretty simple. I like the plain aesthetics.

          That’s all I have for you. It certainly isn’t the best knife I have come across and it has its ergonomics issues but it isn’t without its merits. This medium size folding knife is respectable for its price and should be suitable as your E.D.C. knife.

         Thank you for reading my article. I aim to make these articles well constructed. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me known in the comment section. I’ll try to answer any questions in a timely manner.

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