It Was Time To Downsize, So I Got The Magpul Daka Essential Wallet.

          At first, I only owned some janky leather wallet from Wal-Mart but then I got the Daka Essential Wallet from Magpul and I am better off because of it. If you want to be less of a mouth-breathing doofus who has a 2.5″ thick wallet stuffed with cards that you use once every three years then I suggest you consider getting this minimalist wallet.

          The Essential Wallet, which is part of the Magpul’s Daka line of wallets and pouches, measures 4.2″ (10.6cm) in length and 2.8″ (7.2cm) in height. When it is empty, it is about 0.1″ (0.25cm) thick. The empty weight is a mere 0.67oz (19.1g). This wallet sure is a little guy! Compared to the last wallet I had, which was a basic leather tri-fold, this wallet really cuts down on the bulk of the things carried in my pockets. I no longer feel annoyed by carrying my wallet with me when I run errands.

This wallet has been a case of cash well spent and it just beats the crap out of my old one. If you don’t want a black wallet there are three other color options available.

          Now onto its capacity which really isn’t as low as you think. This thing has three compartments in total. On the single compartment side, I put my driver’s license, my carry permit, and 2 membership cards. On the double compartment side, I put my debit card and usually about 4 dollar bills. Seven bills is the total amount I can carry given the other things I already have on board, but this is usually all I need. You are going to have to fold your cash in three equal sections in order to keep them from poking out too much. When you go to stick folded cash in this wallet, you must insert it in with the non-exposed-edges side going in first otherwise you will have a hard time putting it in; plus, the edges will get folded backwards and you don’t want that to happen.

This picture shows an extra card on the currency side but I don’t carry it anymore. After switching wallets, I really got to thinking what was actually worth having on me. I really didn’t need as much as what I first thought.

          Upon first getting the Essential Wallet, the fit will be tight and it will probably not be able to hold all the things mentioned above, but fret not as it will loosen up in a week. That brings up another point. It hasn’t gotten too loose in the month and a half that I have owned it. This wallet isn’t turning out to be a floppy slab of polymer that loses its content really easily. I can shake it aggressively in an upside down position and it will still hold all of the things mentioned above. The material it is made of is somewhat “grabby” in natural.

It’s just a 4-layer polymer wallet with a nice texture. There is a smaller version and a larger version available if you would rather carry more, or less.

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