Is The Forend/Pump or Magazine Tube On Your Mossberg Shotgun Not Coming Out? I Can Help!

Are you trying to remove the pump assembly on your Mossberg 500 pattern shotgun? Are simply trying to remove a stubborn magazine tube? Is the shotgun that you are having trouble with an old gun? Is your gun a Maverick 88? Is your gun a Sears, Roebuck & Co. branded pump shotgun?

How to Remove the Pump Assembly/Magazine Tube from Your Shotgun

1.)Firstly, you need to dissemble the gun to the point were the receiver is lacking a stock, the barrel, and most of the internal receiver components.

2.)You must get the thing held down very securely. Put the receiver in a padded bench vise to prevent damage.

3.) Next, you need to apply heat to the area where the magazine tube goes into the receiver. I used a blow torch to heat that specific area until some smoke was produce. These guns will have high strength thread locker on the threaded end of the magazine tube.

4.) Now, you are going to need something to produce a high degree of torque to turn the magazine tube. Use a strap wrench. You are going to need a lot of force so be sure to use the excess length of rubber from the strap wrench to your advantage. Wrap it around the other areas of the magazine to increase grip while turning.

5.) Remember, you are working with normal right-hand threads. To better visualize what is going on bring a plastic bottle with you and think of the mouth of the bottle as the muzzle of the barrel/end of the magazine tube.

6.) After you have removed the magazine tube, it will be revealed to you what was stopping the pump assembly from coming out. There is a metal band welded to the magazine that prevented the pump from just sliding off.

7.) Finally, be aware of the follower and spring that will be freed upon you removing the mag tube.

         I used this procedure on an old Sears, Roebuck & Co. Slug Model 446.511761 pump shotgun. From what I can tell this gun as an exact copy of a Mossberg 500. It even has the hidden magazine tube band on it like with other Mossberg 500’s from the 90’s. I also own a Mossberg Maverick 88 and the mag tube was not wanting to move. Lo and behold the tube had thread locker on it like with the older Mossberg guns. This procedure quickly freed the magazine. All I had to do was follow these steps in order to get it out. If you have any questions and I am alive and not in a coma, I will answer you. Thanks for reading.