Increase Awareness. Learn How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open.

          At first, shooting with both eyes open really seemed horribly unnatural and, therefore, impossible to do. Ah, but now, I can actually do it! All it took was the little determination that is generally required whenever you have to learn something new. Also, you need a good practice method to develop that skill and I think I have one for you that you can do at home.

          The main benefit of keeping both eyes open while shooting is the increase in your field of view. Having both eyes open grants you a field of view of about 190 whereas having one eye open gets you a field of view of about 155. The only disadvantage I can think of would be that you get less focus on your sights than what you get when shooting with one eye open. Shooting with both eyes open really is more for close range pistol shooting than it is for long range bullseye shooting.

          I learned how to shoot with both eyes open for the sake of concealed carry purposes. I want to gather as much information as possible about the environment around me if I ever find myself in a violent situation. Particularly, when there might be multiple assailants in the immediate area.

How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open.

1.) Grab your firearm and verify that there are no rounds in the magazine or in the chamber.

2.) Establish a target for the training session that is about 10′ to 20′ away. Do this in an area that is well lit to improve contrast between the target and the sights (this is important for beginners).

3.) Aim the gun as you would normally and establish what your sight picture will be. There are multiple ways people tend to align their sights but all you need to do is align them the same way, every time.

4.) Pull the gun back in and then bring it out about 90% of the way through your aiming motion. Tip the muzzle end up in order to put the front sight completely above the rear sight.

5.) With both eyes open, focus your vision on the now-unobstructed front sight. Take a few moments to establish a laser-focus onto the front sight before moving to the next step.

6.) Lower the front sight to get back to your normal sight picture while keeping both eyes open. Do not break your focus on the front sight.

7.) Now shift your focus from the front sight to the target itself and then shift back to the front sight again. These shifts of focus you make more conscious about how you aim and about how focusing your vision at different point affects changes your perception.

8.) Rinse and repeat. It takes discipline to change how you do something so just practicing at intervaled times (don’t practice all at once, practice once or twice a day for several weeks) and you will finally be able to aim and shoot while keeping both eyes open.

          Let me know if this method helped you to start aiming with both eyes open. If there was something you didn’t understand or something you thought I worded incorrectly then go ahead and leave a comment down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.