Here Is My Hera I.R.S. AR-15 Quad Rail Review.

          Hera Arms is a German Manufacturer of AR-15’s and AR-15 components. And, one of the components that they produce is the I.R.S. Quad Rail/Handguard. The I.R.S. comes in a 7″, 9″, 12″, and 15″ configuration. It is also 389× better than the government agency that shares it’s name.

          Firstly, I’ll just talk about the general features of the I.R.S. Quad Rail. Most of this rail is constructed of CNC-milled aluminum of an unspecified alloy. The barrel nut and mounting hardware are made of steel. There are two Q.D. points, one at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. They are located back towards the rear of the handguard. If you wanted to mount a suppressor underneath/inside the handguard you would be limited to ones that have an outer diameter of less than 1.340″. The 9″ rail weighs in at 16.17oz with the barrel nut and the 12″ rail weighs 19.8oz with the barrel nut. I can’t get specs on the the 7″ or 15″ rails but based off of the 12″ and 9″ rail, I’d say an inch of rail adds/subtract 1.21oz. Lastly, each rail is as long as they claim to be, unlike other AR-15 handguards/rails.

For those that like the look or utility of a quad rail, the I.R.S. Quad Rail from HERA Arms is another choice for you to consider.

          For this paragraph, I shall speak on the quality of the item. This quad rail is pretty nice. The anodization is smooth and consistent. All the geometry is good and the picatinny rail’s are correctly sized. There aren’t any leftover machining marks on the rail. And to top it all off, this rail looks cool and modern, but not futuristic. However, this rail doesn’t line up precisely with the top rail on my Black Aura Tactical (formerly Digital’s AR Products) upper receiver. These upper’s have “O” or circle forge marks and I believe they are machined by Digital Tool & Automation in Minnesota. But, I digress… This misalignment means that you might have issues mounting optics on the seam between the rail of the quad rail and the rail of the upper receiver.

I think the 12″ rail is quite appropriate for a S.H.T.F. gun. You get plenty of rail space while keeping a little wait off the front of the rifle.

          To end the review, I’ll mention the installation process for the I.R.S. quad rail. The barrel nut doesn’t have to be timed. Being that it is steel, you will just need to tighten it down to about 30-70ft⋅lb of torque and it will stay in place with no problems. The rail is stopped from rotating around the barrel nut with the help of two tabs that are located on the bottom half of the rail. These tabs fit my AR-15 upper quite closely. Along with those tabs, there is a 3 bolt and nut clamping mechanism that grabs onto the barrel nut. The clamping action also keeps the rail from sliding forward. The other thing that keeps the rail from sliding forward are two pointed set screws that interface with a groove in the barrel nut.

I think the I.R.S. Quad Rail makes for a good component to have for a Mk 18 Mod 1 AR build.

          Thanks for reading this review. I hope that it serves you well. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask. That goes for any comments or criticism that you may have as well. I will attempt to answer any questions as soon as I can.