Here Is My AR-15 “L.M.G.” Build (W/Tracers).

Disclaimer: Obviously, it not a real machine gun and this was all just for the fun of it.

          I had an idea one day. That idea was to build an AR-15 that closely resembled the typical form of a modern light machine gun/squad support weapon/light support weapon/squad automatic weapon. It was a fun project for me and out of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of AR-15 builds out there in the wild, I don’t think more than two other people ever built an AR of the same theme, at the time I built mine.

Here is my AR-15 light machine gun build.

          My AR-15 “light machine gun” is about 39.5″ long and weighs in at 13lbs 1.2oz with a loaded Magpul PMAG D-60®. The key features that I wanted this particular build to have include:

  • It has a heavy profile barrel for sustained fire. The gun’s 20″ barrel has a diameter of 1″ behind the gas block and a diameter of .750″ after the gas block. It is also fluted for increased surface area which equals faster cooling.
  • It has a bipod so that the rifle can be supported no matter the environment. This is important considering the gun’s weight.
  • It has a carry handle to aid in the rifle’s transport. In all reality, the carry handle is pretty effective. I placed it right on the rifle’s balance point. Before this build I thought of carry handles as needless accessories, no matter the circumstances.
  • It has a stock has a “club foot” profile. The club foot stock allows the user to place their non-firing hand securely on a specific area of the stock. This allows the user to more confidently stabilize the back of the gun while the bipod is “controlling” the front of the gun.
This is a video of the Diemaco LSV M/04. I mentioned it in my video above.
I also made reference to this video in my video.

          Thanks for reading and watching my content. I put time into making sure it was well constructed and error free. If you have any criticisms, questions or comments then don’t hesitate to post them down in the comment section. I will try to answer any questions as soon as I am able.