Hatch Operator CQB Kevlar Gloves. An Admirable Pair Of High Dexterity Gloves.

          Here are a pair of lesser known gloves marketed as “gear for firearms use”. They are great at protecting your hands. I like these and think they surpass Mechanix gloves as far as dexterity is concerned, though I still think better gloves can be made.

          This specific pair of gloves are known as the Operator “CQB” SOG-F20 by Hatch which is now part by The Safariland Group. I have owned this pair for a little under 6 months. They have been used many times. They have been used in colder conditions, say around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, with a little bit of insulation provided especially when layered with nitrile gloves underneath. When its colder and windy the extra material that extends down the wrist helps out. I always look for that feature now when buying gloves. Plus it provides physically protection to your wrists. The leather parts, which are comprised of the inside areas of the hand, are actually very durable. Even after they have been machine washed and dried early on (You aren’t suppose to machine wash or machine dry these gloves). The palms aren’t all degraded like what can be seen in other gloves after this amount of use. The remaining part of the glove is made of 1/6 Kevlar and 5/6 Nomex. These aramid type fabrics provide solid cut and heat protection. The cut protection is real. I have noticed that my hands can get scrapes and rub against sharp things and not get damaged. The Nomex is where I think this glove tends to be a little more insulative compared to other gloves its size. Nomex is flame retardant which means it doesn’t conduct heat well which also means it keeps the heat in your hands in place albeit to a small degree given how these gloves are still relatively thin compared to actual cold weather/winter gloves.

The Hatch CQB Operator gloves are better than most. The fraying look of the fabric may raise alarm but it has been there since day one and it really hasn’t continued.

          Now on to the fit. These gloves are nice and tight around the fingers particularly in the index finger which is awesome. The thumbs are a little loose but still more form fitting than any Mechanix Gloves I have tried on. The fingers on the Operator CQB are just a little shorter than my actual fingers. At the ends of the wrist there are elastic bands all around them. There is also a short band of elastic material at the bottom part of the leather palm. This adds to an overall close fit of glove. There is also included removable wrist cuffs that further increases the overall fit of the glove. I don’t use it because I am pretty certain it causes wrist pain. I am not positive about this but I think wrapping things around your wrist isn’t physiologically correct when you plan on doing a lot of activity with your hands.

The black elastic wrist cuffs are removable, though without them the gloves still fit the form of my hands nicely.

          Overall I recommend you buy these gloves over other options, like Mechanix Originals or Mechanix Fast Fit, if your looking for something that is “high speed, low drag” and durable for all your challenging  honorable and activities.

          Thank you for reading this article. I always strive to provide solid and earnest information. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I will answer any question as soon as I possibly can.