Harbor Freight’s Personal Portable Security Safe Gets Reviewed.

          Let’s get one thing straight, this safe is not impenetrable and it has short comings that are inherent to the design; but it has it’s place in keeping your handgun and other valuables extra-secure. Plus, it will only cost you between $15 and $20. Not bad at all for a little bit of extra security…

          Let me talk capacity to start off this review. The box states that this safe has 64 cubic inches of spaces. If you are like me, then this doesn’t mean much. What does mean something are the specs I’m gonna throw at you. These are the internal dimensions taken on the half of this safe that has the locking features: width 6-5/8″, length 9-1/8″, depth 1/2″. The depth would be double since there are two halves. Furthermore, I took the measurements with the foam pad in and uncompressed. Just for reference, I managed to fit a Smith & Wesson Model 22A in this thing. It is large pistol for sure.

Here is the safe holding a Smith & Wesson Model 22A, which is a full sized .22lr target pistol. I was able to close the safe and lock it with this gun inside.

          Now, onto security. Truth be told, the Union (Harbor Freight) Personal Portable Security Safe is highly susceptible to picking. This video shows how it can be quickly infiltrated by someone with a little know-how. Although, this does devalue the safe, I don’t think this makes it useless. For one, it would slow someone down even if they had the tools and skills. And for two, I kind of doubt that there are many criminals that know how to pick a lock. From the sparse amount of statistics I have seen on burglary, forced entry/destructive entry are, by far, the most common ways thugs break into thing. Finding unlocked targets is the next most common method, from what a known. This isn’t to say that pick resistant is an attribute that should be forgotten, I just think that it isn’t the most important thing under every circumstance. If the janky lock bothers you too much and you are into doing projects, then you could remove the lock entirely and replace it with a better one. This is something I might consider doing, myself.

Look at this crappy picture that I made all by my self! I hope it serves you well! Keep in mind that the 9.1″ dimension is measured from one side to the other. Not from two random locations, like how it is shown.

          There other means of security that the Union Personal Portable Security Safe brings to the table is the inclusion of the “rubber”-encased braided steel cable. If someone found your safe they, they could cut it provided they had a tool with them but it will stop anyone trying to do a smash and grab. And lastly, this should go without saying but a key importance when it comes to having small safe in you car is to make sure it is hidden. Remember, out of sight, out of mine. Criminals can’t steal what they can’t see and what they can’t find.

The 3 foot long security cable holds onto the box by interfacing with a reinforced notch that is on the side. This product is made out of 15-gauge sheet steel.

          I got this safe when it went on sale so it only cost me $16 and it is T.S.A. airline compliant. I am pretty satisfied with it. It gives me a place hide “certain” valuables when I need to leave them right in my car. And, since my glove compartment and center console don’t lock, I needed something.

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure it was well constructed and informative. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I will try to answer any question as soon as possible.