Got Trigger Problems In Your New AR-15?

          Did you get a new AR-15? Did you recently assemble a trigger group as part of a build? So, the trigger is failing to reset on its own and you have to push the trigger forward in order to fire another shot? I have the solution to this problem. Probably.

          The issue with your AR-15 lies in the trigger group, as you would expect. What’s happening is that the disconnector is holding onto the hammer after you have stopped pulling the trigger. The disconnector is supposed to let go of the hammer after the action has cycled and the trigger is no longer being pulled. So now you must smooth off the area of the disconnector where it grabs onto the hammer or smoothen out the area on the hammer where it grabs the disconnector. You may have to take out the disconnector in order to work on it. I know I did. I would use 600 or 400 grit sandpaper for sanding the aforementioned parts. Remember to work slow. Very little work needs to be completed in order to get the trigger group working correctly.

The red circled region includes the two interacting areas that are harboring the issue. This flawed lower parts kit/trigger group came from Alpha Shooting Sports.
Here are the two components acting with each other when the trigger is depressed during the time the action is cycled. The area were they touch is where sanding needs to be completed.

          Thank you for reading this article. Let me know if it helped you out as I try to be as helpful as possible with my work. If you have any questions then go ahead and let me know in the comment section.