Glock 42 Replacement Mags: The Amend2 G42 6-Round Magazine

          By handgun magazine standards, factory Glock 42 magazines aren’t that expensive. I am always relieved to find that the magazines for a handgun I want are under $25 dollars. Like a couple of other G42 magazines from not Glock, the Amend2 Glock 42 6-round magazine is priced to sell.

          The Amend2 Glock 42 6-round magazine is a reliable, low-cost Glock 42 replacement magazine that is inexpensive, and thus, quite worthy of being bought en mass for training purposes. Barring future inflation induced by The Fed, these mags can be had for less than $16 from online retailers like Optics Planet, Ammunition Depot, Botach, The Mag Shack, etc.; this price point is pretty exciting if you ask me.

Here are the two the Amend2 G42 mags I have been using. Flanking them are two factory G42 mags, one has a TangoDown Vickers Glock 42 +2 Extension.

          At the time of writing this article, I have had these magazines for 8 months. I am not sure approximately how many rounds these mags have seen as I didn’t document that data as carefully as I would for a firearm. However, I would have to guess that each magazine has seen somewhere between 65-115 rounds. Sometimes I shot though starting off partially loaded but most of the time it was done from full load. I did keep one of the two Amend2 magazines fully loaded for 30 days and it exploded and killed Richard, my pet iguana. Actually, it worked normally. The mag that was fully loaded for 30 days showed no signs of feed lip deformation nor did the spring become reduced in “power”, certainly at least not by mere feel.

Fact: I was not payed by Amend2 to say nice things about their products. I don’t have any friends, let alone any friends in the gun industry… :´(

          From the beginning, these magazines have had appropriate spring pressure whether loaded fully or not, unlike my two ETS Glock 42 7-round magazines. These mags by Amend2 seem to be robust enough for the purposes of training and seem to be more rigid/sturdy than my ETS Glock 42 mags which inspires much confidence in me being that I generally view those mags favorably. They drop free and drops onto concrete, after being shot till empty, don’t result in much more than minor scuffing. For some reason, I used to associate Amend2 with chintzy plastic and multi-generational poverty, but post-first hand experience has combated that impression well.

Like the factory Glock 42 magazines, the Amend2 renditions bear witness holes on the aft side.

          One thing I don’t like about these magazines is the fact that these cannot use aftermarket base plates or magazine extensions. This is because these mags have the Amend2 “2” cut-out on the base plate that mates with a red “2” base plate insert. Other than that I can easily recommend these things and do prefer them over ETS G42 7-Round mags on account of their apparent ruggedness and non-adverse, initial spring power. As you might have been able to guess, these magazines have functions as advertised for me. 

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