Get the BCMGUNFIGHTER Grip Mod 1.

          This is an AR-15 compatible pistol grip that is ideal for AR-15 pistols or for rifles with a short length-of-pull. If you buy this item, you will find that it is a high quality product that has several neat little features that come in handy.

          First, I’ll speak on the features, then on quality and construction. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Grip Mod 1 is substantially more vertical than the standard A2 grip and other aftermarket AR pistol grips. This reduced angle means that the gun will feel more ergonomic, especially when you’re holding firearms that have shorter stocks. The BCMGUNFIGHTER grips do have beavertails which makes them feel more hand filling and stable. If you wanted something very slim then you could go with the Mod 0 version. If want a larger grip then you could go with the Mod 3 version, which is the fattest. For extreme modularity, there is a Mod 2 version available. With the Mod 1 version, there is a piece that covers the gap between the ears of the trigger guard. This piece can be switched out for one that doesn’t fill up this gap. The grip also serves as a water resistant storage compartment. The door seals up the bottom of the grip pretty firmly. Also, this grip has moderate texturing applied to it.

The BCM GUNFIGHTER MOD 1 grip is a reduced-angle AR-15 grip that is slim and of high quality. It weighs in at 3.16oz without a grip screw.

          That bring me to the next point. This is a very high quality item. The glass reinforced polymer that it is made of is strong and wear resistant. The texturing is still strong even after a year and a half of ownership. The trap door for the storage area is tight fitting and stays in place really well. Plus, this item is made in the States and looks pleasing to the eye. The Mod 0 version looks very similar to Heckler and Koch’s HK416 pistol grip. So if you are trying to copy that look then you could go with that model.

The storage compartment is a great place to store extra batteries and Allen wrenches for your accessories.

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