Don’t Ever Apologize For Being Pro-Gun.

          If you are a person who likes to engage in politics for the sake of defending freedom and reason then you need to be aware of the most powerful persuasive tool of the ideological left wing. They use this tool whether they’re discussing anything: from immigration, to feminism, to inequity among the races, to entitlement programs, and even gun control. This tool is shaming.

          If you are older than six then you probably know what shame is and you probably know what it means to shame someone. Nonetheless, I will talk about the word’s meaning. To shame someone is to “make” them feel uncomfortable by inducing feelings of guilt or disgrace. One would shame another because the person that is being shamed did something that is deemed as wrong. Now, granted shame can be absolutely deserved but that would be determined by the situation at hand. In the case of debating gun control, an anti-gunner will usually attempt to shame someone after they refuse to agree with their policy prescriptions on gun control. They will do this to try to get you to apologize for believing in certain gun rights and to get you to concede ground without needing to provide you with a reasonable argument. This can be witnessed many times in the that CNN “Town Hall” Event that took place after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. During this televised event, you can see that the crowd of N.P.C.’s is more than ready to join in on the shaming whether or not their arguments are valid or invalid. Make no mistake, this shaming has an affect and you must recognize it and ignore the attempt at shaming. Under no circumstances should you ever apologize or bend the knee to an outrage mob just because they are attempting to shame you. Remember, no one has the ability to actually make you feel an emotion. You control how you feel about something. If you feel ashamed, it is because you believe that you deserve to feel shame. If you find yourself being shamed for a belief by a person or crowd of people, then you must ask yourself a few questions.

1.) Should I feel ashamed for my beliefs?

2.) Why are my beliefs shameful?

3.) Are my beliefs false?

4.) Are my opponents beliefs false?

5.) Are my opponents beliefs persuasive for logical reasons or social reasons?

          During this “town hall” event held by CNN, Republican Senator Marco Rubio is faced with questions posed by the parents of the teens who were murdered in the shooting. As you could imagine, the parents of the victims were not on the side of freedom. Plus, the parents had nearly the whole crowd supporting them. Senator Rubio, basically only had himself on his side. That was it. You can tell that Rubio caves to the anti-gun mob on several points. He surrendered ground not because the anti-gunners had reason and truth on their side, but because they had the powerful social pressure of mass shaming on their side. 

          I can’t stress it enough, giving up ground like that will not make your enemies respect you or make them any less fanatical in their beliefs. It will only cause your supporters to abandon you for being mentally weak. It will also embolden your enemies to take even more ground.

          In the situation of the CNN town hall, you can’t be afraid to view these parents as irrational if they are irrational. The main stream media would shriek like hell-spawn if Rubio were to state the simple truth that just because you were affected by something doesn’t make you an expert on that topic. I.e., just because a parent had a child murdered by a guy with a gun doesn’t mean that the parent has valid beliefs on gun control. If fact, the parents are more likely to hold irrational views because they, very recently, suffered a great deal of emotional trauma. An emotionally upset state does not help with making reasonable decisions. Seriously, let’s not pretend that these victims or parents of victims are sacred. Yes, it is a tragedy but that is entirely irrelevant to whether or not their beliefs are logical. 

          I leave you with three take-aways from this article. Firstly, do not apologize or give up ground on an idea just because you are facing social pressure. Next, challenge the false idea that a victim’s cause is righteous because they were a victim. And finally, let reason and truth be your guiding light. Don’t submit to emotional appeals and don’t conform in an attempt to please the mob.

          Thank you for reading my article. So, do you think I am on to something? Do you think I needed to explain my opinions in greater detail? Or, do you think that I am way off base and need to rethink my ideas because of one reason or another. Please feel free to post your comments down below. I welcome the input.