Do You Truly Want Freedom?

          Not to sound like some LARPing edge-lord but I have a short article for you. It serve as my eternal call-to-action for those who value true, meaningful individual liberties such as the right to bear arms. If you support actual freedoms and not the bogus ones often asserted by the political left then I urge you to start changing your behaviors right now. I want you to become active in politics for the sake of gaining and maintaining freedom. I want you to stop accepting the current state of laws and life as the way it is “always” going to be. You, and you alone, are the only one who can make a change right now. You must be an agent for freedom.

          Do not complain about lacking or losing freedom if you have never done anything to maintain or gain freedom, and If you’ve never done anything to maintain or gain freedom then right now is a fantastic time to make a change. As the saying goes, Freedom isn’t free. This applies to polite society just as it applies to a man or a nation in a physical struggle with an adversary, i.e. war. In standard polite society the “fight” for freedom consists of a few general things. They include voting in local, state, and federal elections, as well as persuading politicians and the common man to support your political philosophies. It is that simple, at least in America. You vote for politicians to make/repeal laws and all the time in between that can be used to change other’s mind.

          There is another point to mention that coincides with putting effort into a challenging cause. That being the idea of sacrificing your own comfort. You may not want to get off the couch after a long day at work, you may not want to spend a little extra time researching an ideological position, you may not want to ask a political rival how he feels about a given issue but that doesn’t mean much at all, because if you only did what you wanted to do then you would probably end up weighing 400lbs, you would spend the whole day playing video games, you would subside off of government welfare, and live at your parents’ house. A simple truth in life is that progress and success cost you comfort. That is why being successful and making beneficial changes in life is hard. That is why some people are losers and why some people are winners. Some people are willing to make the investment in whatever endeavor they are currently dealing with while others are consistently telling themselves: “I don’t want to do that right now.”, “I don’t know how to!”, “I have plenty of time.”, “What if I embarrass myself?”, so one and so forth. Some people search for reasons to not take action while others understand that only their definitive and immediate action on their part will get them were they dream to be.

          The cost of progress in life is comfort. You exchange comfort for progression and progression can get you to incredible places. Now go out there and make me proud, you freedom loving son of a bitch!