Bushnell Pro 100 Lumen Pen Light (20150). It Does A Fine Job!

          This stout double AAA battery-powered pen light is the more powerful version of the Bushnell model 20149 flashlight. It has been used it heavily for over a year and a half and it is still alive and kicking. I am impressed with Bushnell by this flashlight and its chunkier little brother. They both are good but keep reading to get the details.

          As the name implies this E.D.C.-sized flashlight produces a 100 lumen glow. I don’t have any means of measuring this attribute but I don’t doubt their claim. It seems to correlate with other flashlights I have owned. There is only one mode with the model 20150 so it is always putting out full power when you press the switch. I try to only use lithium batteries with all electronics this thing included. The Bushnell Pro 100 Lumen’s runtimes are nothing out of the ordinary. Bushnell claims it gets 3 hour 30 minutes which is probably with normal alkaline batteries. If I remember correctly, during the time in which I used this light for for my last job, which was a little under one year and a half, I think I changed this things batteries no more than three times.

          Now, you probably are looking for the weight and size specs right now so I’ll put them right here toward the top. They are as follows. With two lithium AAA batteries and after some custom work by yours truly it weighs 2.28oz (64g). It is 5.1″ (12.9cm) long and at the head of the light, it is 0.81″ (2.0cm) in diameter.

This is respectable everyday carry light indeed and I used for my work at the previous job I had. If you do maintenance/repair, or I.T. work, or work as a security guard or cop then I imagine you get some use out of this light.

          The body on this thing is constructed of aluminum that has been anodized. No surprises there, as that is the standard for such a light. With this being the case, this things resistance to physical damage is superb. My Bushnell Pro 100 Lumen light has taken plenty of spills. As you can tell, the overall body geometry is plenty aggressive. I actually had to file down the checkered areas that make contact with the part of the pocket that is pinned against the body and the clip otherwise my pockets would get rough-up in short order. I’m sure people think it looks cool but the texturing is overkill and I would suggest taming it with a file and some sand paper if you get it. The bezel of the light is crenulated which basically mean it is spiky. I’m pretty certain I could smack out a window with this thing because of this feature and because there is plenty of space to grip on the light. The crenulated bezel also serves to distance the glass of the lens from the ground or any rocks on the ground in case you drop the light (or accidentally throw it). In the instance you find yourself in poring rain or in a flooded basement, you need not worry to much. Spraying water and bath tube-deep standing water won’t do jack to most E.D.C. flashlights, this included.

This will probably catch your attention if you saw it at a store. I bought mine from Wal-Mart a while ago and it definitely stands apart from all the trash-level plastic bodied flashlight.

          Another solid point on this product lies in the painted steel pocket clip it is fairly stout and it is bent in a way that will accept even the thickest pocket materials like those found in sweatpants. The tip of the clip is bent in a way that allows for fast and easy clipping to one ones pocket. The pocket clip is also holds tight enough that it shouldn’t release itself during normal activity unlike some other pieces of everyday carry gear I have owned. Again, the checkering on the body that was beneath the clip had to go or some quick pocket destruction would have taken place when I carried and used it for the day.

The texture was too much for me but it was nothing a bastard file or rough-grit grinding wheel couldn’t handle.

          The tail switch has a momentary function and can be clicked into place with moderate pressure. A momentary function in a switch just means the device is activated upon slight pressure on the switch but before the it is fully pressed into the on position. I think momentary functions on E.D.C. flashlights, or weapon lights for that matter, are just ideal. It allows the user to be fast with there light. Sometimes I just feel robotic with lights like these because I have gotten so quick and coordinated with it! Additionally, the tail switch is semi-enveloped to help prevent accidental firings of the light or accidentally “clickings” into the on position. This will save battery life but some companies will just encase the button to much to where my thumb will hurt from pressing the tail switch when I am using the flashlight a lot.

          I thank you for reading my article. I always strive to provide helpful reviews for you, the reader. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Any questions will be answered in a timely manner.