Backwards Primer From Freedom Munitions

          Here is something I have never seen before from professionally re-manufactured ammo. I found a single round of Freedom Munitions, 165gr HP re-manufactured .40 S&W with a primer that was inserted backwards. This round was apart of a 500 round clearance lot purchased directly from Freedom Munitions on May 24th of this year. After checking the remaining 368 cartridges, no other backwards primers were found. All of the rounds fired before finding the backwards primer fired without issue. I have never encountered backwards primers from the 2,000+ Freedom Munitions made ammo that I have bought prior to this finding this anomaly. 

Yep, there it is in my hand.
If this were found on their X-Def ammo I would be a bit more concerned about their quality control.

          I did email Freedom Munitions about my find and made it very clear that I wasn’t looking for any sort of refund or reconciliation but the customer service representative (Brenda A.) very kindly offered to refund the shipping charge on my next order, which was pretty rad of them. I will continue to use Freedom Munitions ammo but I will keep an eye out for such errors before use. That is all.