Armslist Scammer #1

          So I had made a want-to-buy listing on the firearms classifieds website,, for a Mossberg pump shotgun. These are the texts from an interaction I had with a nefarious individual claiming to have one to sell. I think you will find this interesting.


(1/7) It starts off normal and I was hopeful after a long day at work. Though take note of his 2nd message. It reveals some things.



(2/7) After a little bit of time the shady character emails me a collection of pictures of “his” two shotguns.



These are the emails he sent me. Once I got them I did a search on Google using the images as the search term. Both sets of pictures are from a gun auction website. This raises alarms immediately.



Being too lazy to take genuine photos is not a good excuse. I know what a Maverick shotgun looks like and I don’t care to be reminded again. I am looking to buy his specific gun in its current condition.



(3/7) At this point, I called him out on the emailed photos. He then gives a bad excuse. If it were true then his friend must have saved the auction photos then emailed them to him when he bought the gun which would be weird considering that both guns aren’t even close to being special or unique so why did anyone save these pictures wouldn’t he trust his friend to be honest about the shotguns condition.



(4/7) His response is only to reaffirm his supposed ownership of the guns after I poke a hole in his story. By now I not really interested in buying the guns from him because of his story but I did want to see what he would end up saying.



(5/7) As you may know, paying $500 for a used Mossberg Maverick 88 field model makes you as smart as a June beetle.



(6/7) This clown clearly doesn’t know much about guns. He had to copy and paste the title from an old auction in his conversation about selling me a gun.



(7/7) I decided to end it there. This guy is highly deceptive. Hopefully he was shocked by my “detective” work so he won’t try and pull any sneaky cons against anyone later on.



          So, what do you think. Did I just come across an extraordinarily stupid man who wasn’t meaning to cause any trouble or do believe he was going to try and rob me? I’m thinking at the very least he was going to try and get me to pay for the non-existent gun over the internet and then end up never shipping anything to my FFL. Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave your thoughts down below.