Armslist: Land Of The $200 Shotgun

 is a neat little website that serves as an online classifieds advertising platform for people looking to buy, sell, and trade firearms and firearm related goods. Armslist is just like Craigslist except its for guns instead of broken computer parts and solicitations for sexual encounters with strange men at truck stops. The site itself never actually gets involved with the transaction, just like Craigslist. It is fairly simple to use and it allows average people, and firearms dealers, to create listings that offer to sell/buy/trade guns and gun related products. I am very glad this site exist, but hey, lets just get into the content.

          If you are in the market for a dependable, used pump action 12 gauge shotgun that will only cost you around $200 then you are in luck because you can probably find one in your area being listed on I was able to find several in my area, as well as many in other places in the United States. Typically, you are able to find some nice, older U.S. made models along with a bunch of modern pump action guns like the Chinese produced Stevens 320 and Turkish manufactured H&R Pardner Pump Shotgun, not to mention many Mossberg Maverick 88’s, and old and current production Winchester pump shotguns.

          From my years spent on Armslist, I can confidently say that it is a nice website to get your hands on some cheap shotguns for skeet shooting or home defense. You should be able to regularly find low cost, 12 gauge guns but you may have to use patience and wait a couple weeks for a good offer to show up in your region. The example pictures down below were all gathered in late 2018.


Here are screenshots of what you can find out there.