Another Respectable Budget Knife From Kershaw. The Injection 3.5, Reviewed!

          This mid-sized folding knife from Kershaw is high-value. An initial impression would lead one to believe, this E.D.C. knife is simple and elegant, which is true, but it actually delivers on its outward appearance. I know a lot of low cost, Chinese-made knives can be gimmicky junk but you will not get that from the Injection 3.5 design by Todd Rexford.

          Just as you wouldn’t expect, the Injection 3.5 has a 3.3″ (8.4cm) blade when measured from the start of the sharpened edge to the tip. The 3.5 designation comes from an incorrect method of measuring blade length. Now, just as you would expect the blade is made out of the ubiquitous 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. I have never sharpened a knife before but I would imagine the simple straight and convex edge geometry on a drop-point blade like this isn’t too hard to sharpen. The thumb studs on this knife are fat and placed in a good spot on the blade so there shouldn’t be any ergonomics issue with them.

This great low-priced E.D.C. knife manages to pull of artful features and respectable construction. It weighs 4.4oz (124.8g) and has an overall length of 7.8″ (19.8g). If you want smaller and lighter then there is an Injection 3.0 available.

          I have taken the Injection 3.5 apart many times for various reasons and I can’t remember how it was when I first got it but the action is mediocre for having bronze pivot washers. It isn’t super smooth but it still can be flicked open without any wrist-whip action. Additionally, this is a liner lock knife and I can only detect an extremely tiny amount of blade pay. Still staying on track with simplicity, this folding knife is a manual opener with no spring assist. I know newcomers to folding knives like to have a spring assisted blade but I really don’t need one. I appreciate there being fewer parts to break and I like the control of a smooth, unassisted action.

Many of the surfaces on the Injection 3.5 are bead blasted which I believe is a finish that is more prone to rusting than others though this knife has only developed very small rust spots. on the liners.

          The handle is made with two slabs of 3-D machined G10. By the way, G10 is a resin impregnated fiberglass composite material. This is one of the things that drew me to buying this knife. Not only does it look cool but the handles are nice and substantial for my large hands. Furthermore, G10 makes for a good handle material due to its low thermal conductivity. This means that when you go to hold the knife, the handle won’t feel extremely hot or cold when the handle really is, hot or cold. This is good news for winter use.

          Here is something I don’t like about the knife. The clip is pretty damn tight and it’s narrow at the end. When I go clip it to my pocket after use, I really have a hard time getting it to clip to thicker pocket materials because the portion of the clip that is the furthest away from the clip screws isn’t flared out much. I may have to unscrew it and try to bend the end of the clip a little without marring it up to badly. If you have thin pocket material like with athletic shorts, then this whole problem is mitigated a lot.

For a budget folding knife I like this thing but it’s clip is a little troublesome. The thing is just to rigid, in my opinion, but it certainly still works.

          The Injection 3.5 is a fine every day carry option for under $30. It definitely is something for dress wear because it is so aesthetically appealing without being too aggressive. I’m pretty satisfied with many of Kershaw’s products but they do still make crap every now and again but you can rest assured if you buy this knife. This knife is good for people who like to modify there knives. The steel liners are begging to be skeletonized, which is what I did. Maybe you could switch out the pivot washers. Here is where you can go to get replacements: Knife Kits. You could also alter the pocket clip. It depends on what your tastes are.

          Thank you for reading my article. I strive to make my reviews well constructed and useful to you, the reader. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know. I’ll try answer any questions in a timely manner.

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