An Outstanding Folding Knife From Spyderco. The Tasman Salt.

This is by far the most useful knife I have owned. If you are short on time then I leave you with this:

          Buy this knife. It is high in quality, it is very light at 1.92oz (55g). Its great for active people in rust-inducing environments who need a lightweight knife to clip to their waste band. Also, if you need a knife for areas that limit blade length to 3 inches (7.62cm) then this will satisfy those ridiculous legal requirements. I have owned this knife for one month short of two years and I haven’t regretted my purchase.

          The Tasman is part of Spyderco’s Salt line. These are all knives that have a relatively soft H1 stainless steel blade and, like a large amount of their other knives, has a fiber-reinforced plastic handle. It is quite clearly touted as a knife that can withstand rust. And thus far this knife hasn’t rusted anywhere despite being subjected to high amounts of sweat on a regular basis.

The Spyderco Tasman Salt compared to the Kershaw Shuffle. I can barely get a full grip on the Shuffle were as I can get a very stable grasp on the Tasman Salt.

          First, onto the blade. Hawkbill blades are very practical despite their ugly and unusual appearance. I’m not positive on this, but seemingly, these blade designs have the mechanical property of pulling in material that they are cutting. This is probably due to the hawkbill’s concave cutting edge. God forbid it ever comes down to it but I think this knife would make for a formidable weapon in a moment of self defense. That’s why I make it my running knife especially since I run on trails most of the time. I want a force multiplier that hinders me very little in case I come across a very aggressive feral dog (which has happened to me) or in case I come across some unfriendly wild life like a mountain lion or bob cat (which both have been sighted in my area). This ought to go without saying but I also carry it in case I come across some depraved, low impulse control thugs who don’t believe in the non-aggression principle.

          The action of the knife is respectable. It is a back-lock knife so it is not fantastically smooth. I can not “Spydy-flick” this knife open like what I can do with my Spyderco Manix 2. Oh well, it can still be easily and readily opened with one hand. Some cheaper lock back knives have flung out of my hand while I was opening them with a poor grip because the locks were heavy.

In order to sharping the concave edge of the Tasman Salt you will need a convex, or rounded stone.

          Knife handles like the one on this guy are how they should be made. Fatter at the end then what they are towards the pivot. The mild finger indentations line up with my large hands and in conjunction with the top-of-the-blade thumb jimping/texturing and solid construction of the handle I can really wrench down on things with this knife. Spyderco’s Volcano Grip texture isn’t sand paper and it isn’t smooth aluminum. It’s unremarkable and functional, not much else to say there. The color of the handle is a great feature, just imagine how much easier this thing is to find if you dropped it in a nature body of water or if you lost it while doing outdoorsy things. Its vibrant and unnatural and it will stand out when you drop it in a shallow part of a body of water.

          Next, the clip of the knife is better than most. It can be clipped to the waste line of thick sweat pants and shorts no problem. Some knives I have used simply can’t do this without bending out of shape. The Tasman’s clip is wide and solid. I believe it is made of titanium since it is dull, non-magnetic, and springy. It can be removed and reversed to left side carry if you were born wrong handed. Using two U.S. nickles will work for loosening and tightening the unusual looking clip screw and nut. One side of the clip screw needs to be held in place while turning the other side.

This knife’s blade from end of the handle to tip of the blade is under 3 inches making it legal in places ruled by idiots.

          In conclusion, this a well-thought-out knife that is extremely low profile. Spyderco does a good job coming up with these things and if you are looking for useful knife for serious use then consider the Tasman Salt.

Here is a .GIF for you.

          Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. Seriously, I will answer your questions on this knife in a timely manner, so fire away.

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