An E.D.C. Light From Wal-Mart? It’s The 50 Lumen Bushnell Light (20149).

          Now I have owned this guy for a long time. Probably two years or more. After all that time I think I have some authority to speak on this subject. This obvious every-day-carry-type flashlight was originally sold in Wal-Mart, if I’m not mistaken, which is very surprising.  I have used this light a lot. The short of it is that this light isn’t bad at all. Quite simply, this thing is just a functional, overly-textured, single-mode, single-AAA, every day carry light.

          To kick off the review I’ll start with the tail switch and go to clip to light body to brightness and end with longevity/durability. The Bushnell 50 Lumen Model #20149 light is smartly capped with a protruding momentary tail switch. As expected, the light can be switched to “permanent” on by pushing the button down all the way. The clip can handle the fairly thick fabrics of sweatpants waste lines. It holds the light in place adequately though due to the body design this light kind of tears up clothes. Only a blind man couldn’t notice all the checkering on this thing. I had to file down the area where the pocket clip pinches fabric between it and the body just because it abraded my clothes so quickly. I guess what’s good about all the aggressive geometry is that it makes for a secure, hand-filling grip which kind of validates the crenelated bezel (the jagged front end, it’s the side where the light comes from). If there ever where a small E.D.C. flashlight that I had to use to break out a glass window or thump an attacker this would be the one. I bet I could get some force behind this thing if I had to do the aforementioned things.

Here is the Wal-Mart E.D.C. light. I had to subdue some of its checkering to avoid extreme damage to pockets. Another thing, the high degree of texturing makes it bad for carrying in the waste band against the body.

          Let me make one thing clear. I don’t find a lot of importance in supposed lumen values. Like most people buying this stuff, I have never had a way to confirm any claims on brightness and I have heard arguments against using lumens as the main measure of brightness so I don’t really pay much attention lumen values. I do know that the Bushnell 50 Lumen is plenty bright for me for typical E.D.C. lights use. It’s not overly bright to where it drains the battery in 15 days. I have a flashlight that does that. Its not going work as spotlight. It’s just an appropriate amount of light for a single AAA battery.

There are good design elements on this product like the protruding tail switch and hand-filling outer geometry which also prevents rolling.

          Like I said, I have owned this product for over two years and it’s still working fine. The electronics have withstood many a fall during those years! I have gotten this thing wet and very cold and very hot and it still works. When the battery gets low it will fail to turn on every few presses on the switch and also become dim. I had thought the light was just ready to get scrapped when I first observed this. It pissed me off a little.

The Bushnell 50 Lumen weighs 1.60oz with a lithium AAA. There is 2 AAA battery version of this light with the model number of 20150.

          I think this light isn’t out of the question at all. Its not perfect to me but it may be perfect to you. If you see this at Wal-Mart then go buy. When I first saw it there I was really surprised because Wal-Mart normally sold dorky, cheap, and chunky flashlights that ignoramuses buy because they don’t know any better and hey if it’s just for one weekend of camping who cares if it’s kind of trash?

          Thank you for reading my article. I put time into making sure they are well constructed and useful. If you have any questions, criticisms, or comments go ahead and let me know in the comment section. I’ll try answer any questions in a timely manner.